Friday, September 7, 2012

Bird Handprints

I saw a simple and fun art activity in another mommy blog yesterday afternoon that can be done by my preschooler and baby.  So, I wasted no time and grabbed our paints, our newly bought googly eyes, and other art supplies to make our own versions.
I asked my eldest to choose the color for his bird and for his baby brother.  He chose green.  Since what we have is a dark green paint, we mixed some white paint first to make it lighter.  Next, I painted his hand green with a brush and he stamped it on paper.  Then I painted his baby brother's hand yellow and did the same thing.
Since, my baby has a habit of putting his hands in his mouth, we washed his hand right away and we let my little boy finish the other parts of the bird (beak and the feet) by finger painting them.
We had dinner while letting them dry.
After dinner, we glued the googly eyes on the bird handprints.
I took the opportunity to encourage my eldest son to write captions on their paintings.  I'm glad my little boy liked the idea and he eagerly wrote the words I asked him to write using our colored pencils.  Thus, he was able to practice both his writing and spelling skills.
Here are my boys' latest art works.
Yanthy and Mateo's bird hand prints.

Yanthy's hand and finger painting.
We ended the day by reading a touch and feel book about nature which featured different animals, birds included, that one can see in the forest.

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