Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Handpaintings for Daddy

I'm writing this post mainly to document what my eldest son and I did yesterday for his Dad as we celebrate his Dad's birthday.
Initially, I wanted us to write a secret message for his Dad which I read about from a book I once bought.  But my son was not yet in the mood to do something yesterday morning.  He started to warm up after lunch and his Dad was actually home already by then after taking a half day leave from work.  So, I suggested that we paint something for Daddy instead while his Dad takes a nap in the bedroom.  Finally, he agreed and excitedly went about looking for our painting supplies.  
We have been painting a lot of things from nature lately and yesterday was no exception.  We agreed to paint a caterpillar and the sun.
Here is my son's painting of the sun using his hand prints.
We chose to paint the sun because my husband's family, relatives
and classmates in his province call him Sonny, Son or San-San.

Below are the simple steps in doing this sun hand painting:
1. Paint the child's hand (palm and fingers) yellow.
2. Press it on the bond paper or whatever material you have chosen to paint on.
3. Apply paint again on the child's hand as in step 1.
4. Repeat step 2 but make sure you press in the opposite direction so that the fingers are on the opposite sides.
5. After doing step 4, you will have some spaces or gaps.  Paint one or two fingers of the child again and press on the spaces to fill the gaps with more "rays" of the sun.
6. You can opt to draw a happy face after you have air-dried the painting or you can let your child write a caption or message on the paper.
Here is the other hand painting we did yesterday.
I asked Yanthy what color/s he would like to use for his caterpillar and he chose red and green.
Below are the steps in making this caterpillar hand painting:
1. Paint your child's hand with his/your chosen color.
2. Press on the paper or chosen material.
3. Repeat step 1 and press the hand again beside the earlier hand print.
4. Do step 3 several times until you get your desired length of your caterpillar.
5. Air-dry.  Wash the child's hand while you let the painting dry.
6. Glue the googgly eyes on your caterpillar once dry.
7. Draw the antennae using a black colored pencil, crayon or pentel pen.
8. Let the child write his name or a caption for his painting.
9. Last step for both paintings is to pack away and clean up the mess. :)
Now, here is my birthday wish for my husband and my reason for encouraging our eldest son to paint these pictures.
I wished that he'll experience joy on his birthday, from the simple joy of seeing the morning sun shining on him as he wakes up to celebrate God's gift of life to him to the joy of being aware of God's love for him.  I wished that he would one day discover his greatest passion and that he'd get to enjoy doing it as a hobby or as a business like a caterpillar transforming himself into a butterfly.
Happy Birthday again, Hudson George! :)

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