Sunday, September 9, 2012

Mommy's Day Out with the Kids

Yesterday was a long day for me and my kids.  Since my husband is out of town this weekend, I decided to take this opportunity to bond with my boys.  I decided to bring them to Rizal Park for a field trip.  It was their first time there.  The first thing we did when we arrived at Rizal Park was to have our picture taken in front of Jose Rizal's monument.  We got the services of the photographers who take pictures for a fee because our digital camera is broken. 
We also considered riding the kalesa (horse-drawn carriage) but it was smelly because of horse poop so we just chose the train ride.  We rode a train that goes around the park because my eldest loved Thomas the Train and requested that we take the ride. 
After our train ride, we went to the Chines Garden to rest and have our snacks.  Yanthy walked around and explored the place while Mateo and I stayed under the shade to do some walking as well.  
Resting and getting ready for some snacks.

Then, we had a picnic under a tree inside the Chinese Garden after around an hour of walking around the garden by Yanthy.  We ate some sandwiches and fruits (apples and bananas).  After which, we rested a bit and resumed our walked outside the Chinese Garden around Rizal Park. 

Under the tree where we had our picnic.
Yanthy playing in the background.

Yanthy and Mateo marveled at the doves flying around and the busts of different Filipino heroes.
It was already past lunch time so we decided to head to SM Mall of Asia for our late lunch.
Most restuarants were still full so we ate at Tapa King where there are more vacant tables.
After that, we had ice cream in cups topped with candy sprinkles and nips.

Mateo tries to grab my ice cream.
We went to Toy Kingdom as soon as we finished our ice creams where the kids had a grand time looking at the toys and trying some of them.


By 5 pm, we were on our way to the Church near the mall to attend the Mass to honor and celebrate Mama Mary's birthday.  It was also an anticipated Mass.  The kids dozed off even before the Mass started.  They were exhausted.
We had dinner (with a view of the big globe and the fountains) right after the Mass before going home.
It was a very tiring day but we had fun!  I thought that my eldest would fall asleep right away when we got home but he still stayed up a bit to look at our pictures and requested me to read to him a book before finally calling it a night. 

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