Wednesday, January 23, 2013

God Supplies

Our grocery supplies were running out.  It should not be a problem if the money in our bank account was not also running out.  There were things that we needed to pay the following week.  Can we delay payment for these?  I explored that option because if we choose to pay for all the things we needed to pay the following week, we might not have enough grocery money until my husband’s salary comes.  I had been thinking for hours how to further stretch our budget.  I felt worry and panic slowly creeping in.  I was surprised to find myself in that situation that day.  Then, I decided not to give in to worry or panic and told our maid to help me get the kids and our things ready because we’re attending The Feast in Sucat. 


Originally, it was our plan to attend Talk #1 of the new talk series in PICC.  But we missed it.  Good thing that there is already a Feast near our place in Sucat.  As I listened to Brother Adrian give Talk #1 of the Guaranteed Talk Series, which was about Supply, I realized why God allowed our family to miss the talk in PICC.  Hearing the powerful and encouraging message of Talk #1 of the series would have greater impact on me and my husband that day because that day we experienced a great need for God to supply for our needs.
Then, it was time to give our love offering.  My husband and I had been tithing since we were still single and we had been doing our best to be faithful in giving our tithes until now that we are married with two kids.  I was so inspired that night when we were reminded of the widow in the Bible who gave all that she had -- her two small coins.  I felt God remind me through the talk and especially through that passage that we should always give from our need and not our excess.  Part of me was tempted to entertain thoughts like “you already do not have enough grocery money for the coming weeks even if you don’t give tonight,” “you have already given 10% in tithes the last time you attended,” “how will you pay for the things that are due next week?”  Praise God for giving me and my husband the grace to still give that night out of faith that God will supply for our needs as we choose to support The Feast with whatever little that we have and trust in His love, mercy and provision.  What we gave that night was not big but we definitely gave from our need and not from our excess. 
And as we often say at our gatherings, God proved once more that He cannot be outdone in generosity.  We received a very pleasant surprise from God the following day!  We found a confirmed buyer for our car minutes after my husband and I agreed that we will tell (text) our friends and relatives that we are going to sell our car already so we can buy a bigger vehicle for our growing family.  Thus, the following day, God did not only give us what we need (grocery money) but also what we wanted and prayed for (additional money to pay for the bigger vehicle that we want)! 
God has the power to provide you with every gracious gift in abundance, so that always in every way you will have all you need yourselves and be able to provide abundantly for every good cause.” 2 Corinthians 9:8 (CJB) This verse was made real once more in our family that weekend.
That fateful Friday, God blessed me and my husband with spiritual blessings such as faith, courage, peace and hope.  The next day, God gave us financial blessings!    We were able to buy a nebulizer for our baby aside from finding a confirmed buyer for our car.  But God’s blessings and favors did not stop that day!  On Sunday, I sold a copy of my book and got additional orders.  I received inquiries and requests for viewing of the condo unit we were selling.  On Monday, I got an email from one of my potential clients asking me to send a formal proposal for the change management workshop they want me to conduct for their executives. This one was a surprise because I thought that this potential client already got a different facilitator because he told me before Christmas that he wants the workshop done on the third week of January.  Apparently, the target date for the workshop was moved and he was still considering me.  I got to pay our bills that were due that week.  A number of friends and contacts helped us get discounts and freebies for the new vehicle we wanted to buy.  I had a very productive week as a writer.  I was able to finish the Filipino translations of my reflections for Gabay.  I finished the article that was due that week and submitted it to my editor earlier than the deadline.  On top of that, I was able to write several entries for my blog and I was inspired to write another book review for one of the online publications where I’m a contributing writer.  Moreover, the articles I recently submitted to my editors were published right away that week.  I even had new inspirations for one of the book projects I’m working on.  Plus, the international publisher of the prayer book I edited last year paid me the long overdue balance of my editing fee.  What’s more, my family received a lot of gifts (including cash gift) from my godmother/ninang who arrived from Europe last week.  These are just a sample of the abundant blessings we received from God that week after we chose to give from our need and trust in His divine providence, believing that as we seek His Kingdom and His righteousness first, everything else will follow.  This post would become too long if I choose to enumerate all the blessings God showered upon us that week and if I explain why they are each miracles from God and proofs of His timely and faithful provision.
For God is not unjust. He will not forget how hard you have worked for him and how you have shown your love to him by caring for other believers, as you still do.” Hebrews 6:10 (NLT)
I’m still very much amazed until now as I recall all that God has blessed us after that talk about God supplying all our needs according to His riches.  I praise and thank God for allowing me and my family to experience the truth behind the talks in our Guaranteed Talk Series.  Today, I have greater conviction that God will indeed always supply all our needs, including what we need to make our dreams come true!

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