Monday, February 25, 2013

Praying the Rosary with our Son

I just want to share something wonderful that happened yesterday in our family. 
We prayed the Rosary as a family yesterday with more involvement from our eldest son.  We usually pray the Rosary during our weekend trips.  My husband is the one who reminds me and takes the lead most of the time.  He did the same thing yesterday.  Yesterday's Rosary experience was extra special for us because it's the first time that we are praying together with Yanthy praying not just the Our Father or Lord's Prayer with us but the Hail Mary and the Glory be as well. When he was still much younger, he only listened.  As he got older, he got more involved.  First, he held the Rosary beads and pretended to be uttering the same prayers.  Next, he held the Rosary beads and led the Our Father or The Lord's Prayer.  He had to wait until the next decade for his turn to speak.  It's funny that he sometimes speaks ahead of his turn because he's so eager to participate.  Sometimes, he would keep on asking if it's already his turn.  Then, just before Lent, he learned the two other prayers which are part of the recitation of the Holy Rosary.

My four year old holding a Rosary.
Our youngest son in the meantime has been showing in his actions that he's also a prayerful baby.  He knows right away if we are going to pray.  He shos this by putting his hands together.  Sometimes, even when we are saying to him or to each other that it's time to pray, he senses it or maybe he has become familiar with the places where we usually pray -- like when we go to church or when we go to our prayer meetings.  He sometimes puts his hands together as soon as we enter these places as if getting ready for our worship activities.  Another thing I noticed with him is that as soon as the songs we sing during our prayer meetings or at Mass are sang/played, he raises his hands right away or hums and dances.  It's such a delight to watch him and his older brother worship the Lord in their own ways, singing and dancing their hearts out.
Thank God for the opportunity yesterday to pray the Rosary as a family.  We offered it as intercession for the launching of a new Feast in our community, Feast Ortigas Second Session, which we are supporting.  We were on our way to the launch in the taxi when we prayed the Rosary.
It was a truly wonderful experience and a milestone in our family and prayer life.  We're excited to teach the rest of the prayers to our eldest son in the future and teach the same prayers to our youngest when he gets a little older.

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