Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine 2013 Activities

We started our Valentine activities this year around a week before Valentine's Day.  My eldest son and I had an advance Valentine's date.  We went to one of his favorite fast food restaurants and ordered his favorite food.  Then, he enjoyed some kiddie rides inside the mall. 
He also wrote love letters in the days that followed.  First, he wrote a love letter for his Dad then to my parents.

Yanthy's love letters to my parents which he gave yesterday to my mom
when she visited us and watched over the kids while I went on a date with my husband.

 After writing those letters, we finger-painted the envelopes for his love letters.
That same day, Yanthy and Mateo painted some hearts.
Today, Yanthy completed the art work Mateo painted with the Bible verse I asked him to trace. Last year, I asked him to trace John 3:16.  You may see our Valentine/Lent art work last year here.
Bible verse from Mark 12:30 and
Mateo's foot print made into a heart.

Yanthy also wrote love messages for his baby brother, Mateo, and our maid on the heart cut outs they made yesterday while I went out on a date with my husband.
Yanthy wrote "I do, too." at the back of his love note for his baby brother.

Yanthy also made a love letter for me but instead of writing it by hand, he decided to type it in my laptop and print it.  He said that he's already tired and it's faster that way.  Anyway, I'm still happy that he made one for me even though he's already tired.
We also had some bonding over books.  We read our book Won't You Be My Kissaroo? before they had their nap.  Later, I plan to read I'm a Big Brother and Love You Forever to them before they go to sleep.
Those were my Valentine activities with the kids.  Yesterday, my husband and I had our advance Valentine date by watching a romantic movie and having dinner.
My husband also surprised me today by sending me three red roses and a small bear stuffed toy.
This inspired me to write a Valentine post in my other blog, When My Bridegroom Comes, to share about one of the most memorable Valentine parties I attended.  You may read here to find out why.
I plan to have more Valentine and Lent related activties in the next days.  Some of them are inspired by a Valentine activities I saw at Christian Preschool website. 

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