Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Writing Activities

We deviated from our scheduled daily writing practice.  My eldest son didn't want to write his name even as I motivated him in various ways.  I decided not to force him and just thought of other ways to encourage him to write something today.
Just before his nap, he said he wanted to read the book Amelia's Angel.  After reading it, he told that he will write "Yanthy's Angel" and "Mateo's Angel" when he wakes up later.
I reminded him of what he said when he woke up but he said he will play first.  He played with his baby brother for some time.  I reminded him again that he has not written his name or what he said before napping.  He said that he wanted to play with Mateo some more. 
Since it was already almost evening, I asked our maid to buy some of the ingredients for our dinner in a store near our building.  I was about to ask our maid to write the items she needs to buy when the inspiration to ask Yanthy came to my mind.
I asked my son if he wanted to go with our helper to the store to buy the ingredients.  I also asked him if he wants to write down the items so they would not forget what to buy.  He excitedly said yes! Hurray!
He got a piece of paper and a pen then evenually asked for his pencil. Did his best to spell on his own and write down the items that they needed to buy.

I was so happy that he was able to spell AMPALAYA on his own correctly and wrote it on his own. He tried to spell ONION on his own but he made a mistake so he asked me to dictate the next letters as he wrote.  He was already too excited to go to the store when it was time to spell and write EGG; so he simply copied the word from an alphabet poster with a picture of an egg on our bedroom wall.  When I told him that he still needs to write TOMATO, he said that he's already tired writing.  He asked our maid to write it on their paper. Our maid finished the list and they went to the store.
After dinner and playing with me and my husband and his baby brother, I reminded my eldest son that he has not written "Yanthy's Angel" and "Mateo's Angel" yet.  I asked him if he still wants to write these words in his notebook before our bedtime reading ritual and prayer.  I was so happy again that he happily got his notebook and did what he said he would.
While Yanthy was writing these words, Mateo got a crayon, too. He wanted to write as well so I gave him a piece of paper to write on.  He scribbled as his big brother wrote. :)  They both proudly showed their work to me and my husband afterwards.
I thank the Lord today for another relaxed homeschool day wherein we have done what we needed to do without being pressured to stick to our original schedule and lesson plan.  I thank God for the inspiration to incorporate learning (writing practice, reading and spelling) into the daily activities in our household.  I thank Him too that He allows me and my husband to witness and take charge of educating our kids.  Homeschooling is indeed a big blessing to our family!

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