Sunday, March 10, 2013

Believing that Nothing is Impossible by the Grace of God

God spoke powerfully to me through the recent Truly Rich Club Wealth Summit event that my husband and I attended last weekend.  He did this through the invited guests and speakers in the event, through the talks, through the many wonderful people I met and through the songs used in worship.

Last Friday, God spoke to me again through the songs sang during our prayer meeting at Feast Sucat.  One of those songs was Nothing is Impossible by Planetshakers.

This morning, God spoke the same message to me during my prayer time as I meditated on Loyola Press' 3 Minute Retreat for today entitled Nothing is Impossible.
God truly knows my heart.  He knows what to speak at the precise moment.  These past days beginning with the Wealth Summit, God has inspired me a lot and taught me a lot. One of my main questions and frequent questions to God has been, "Can I really do all these given my already busy schedule even before I got all these new inspirations and learnings?" Jesus only has one answer.  "With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible."  Matthew 19:26
I thank the Lord for this reminder and encouragement.  He also used another song during our prayer meeting last Friday to help me pray to Him and express what's in my heart, mind and soul.  Let me share that song as well.  It's Still Standing by Israel Houghton.

Here are the lyrics from
Verse One:
You gave me courage to believe that all your goodness I will see
and if it had not been for you standing on my side where would I be

If not for your goodness if not for your grace I don't know where I would be today
if not for your kindness I never could say I'm still standing
if not for your mercy if not for your love I most likely would have given up
if not for your favor I never could say I'm still standing but by the grace of God

Verse Two:
To you I lift my offering and set my heart on higher things
for if it had not been for you standing on my side where would I be

I'm still standing I'm standing I'm still standing but by the grace of God

I love the chorus very much! It's so true in my life.  I know that it's only because of God's mercy, goodness and favor that I am where I am now in spite of the many difficult things I've been through. And I know that wherever I will find myself in the future, it will be because of God still and His awesome goodness, mercy and grace in my life.

To God be the glory now and forever!

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