Friday, March 29, 2013

Random Reflections on Today's Readings

It's Good Friday and it's a day of fasting and abstinence.  But instead of sharing a meatless recipe today, I'm going to share my random thoughts and reflections as I read the readings today.
My husband and I attended a two-half day (Holy Thursday and Good Friday morning) live out retreat led by Bo Sanchez in PICC.  It was a spirit-filled and powerful retreat!  I'm still letting the words of God sink into my heart.  I will certainly blog about my reflections soon.
But today before I sleep, let me share these verses that caught my attention and my thoughts about them.
"I find no guilt in him.” John 19:6
That was what Pilate said about Jesus. But he still didn't have enough courage to stand by his belief. He was afraid of the crowd. He didn't want to go against what they believed in even when he thought that they were wrong.

How many times have we been witnesses to injustice or unfair treatment or judgement yet we chose to be silent? Like Pilate, have we been cowards, too? How many times have we betrayed Jesus by not standing up to Him and our belief in Him. There are still modern day Pilates and we can be one of them when we choose not to defend the innocent because of our fear of the crowd.
The service of the Gospel will bring you into conflict with the world, and that conflict will initiate suffering. - Didache
Jesus lived His life fully in the service of the Gospel. He lived to love us. He lived to carry out the Father's Will and perfect plan of salvation for humankind.  He got into conflict with the powerful people of His time because of this.  He suffered because of this.
How about us?  How willing are we to be in conflict with the world to bring the Gospel to the ends of the earth? Or even to our neighbors or officemates?  Are we really willing to suffer for the sake of the Gospel?  Or do we tell God about our conditions or limits on what kind of sufferings for the Gospel we are willing to endure?
"Though he was harshly treated, he submitted and opened not his mouth..." Isaiah 53:7

He is the Son of God and yet when people treated Him harshly He chose not to defend Himself. He chose to be humble and silent. How many of us today can do what Jesus did? Can we also be humble enough to remain silent and not defend ourselves while being treated unjustly and harshly by our enemies? 
What Jesus did is no easy thing.  It was humbling. It was humiliating. Yet He endured it all. Why? He loved us. 
Let's ask ourselves: When was the last time we endured a humbling experience or humiliation because of love for someone or because of our love for God?
Today, Jesus gave us a perfect example of up to what point we should be ready to suffer for the Gospel.  He showed us what courage looked like.  May we be inspired and strengthened by His example, by His life, by His love.

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