Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Inspiring Breastfeeding Success Stories

I'm currently working on one of my latest book projects, Breastfeeding: A Journey Worth Taking, and I can't help but be thankful to God for allowing me to cross paths with many wonderful and inspiring moms.  I had been reading a number of stories in the past week and I was particularly struck with a few lines that I read from one of the moms who agreed to share her story in my book.
She said,
"The gift of pause has always reminded me of the priority in my life which is my family. It also made me realize that instead of wallowing in the past or worrying about the future, I have to savor the now. That instead of getting too caught up with the busyness of my life, I can stop for a while, breastfeed my children and marvel at the miracles that God has blessed me with."
Those lines from her story made me pause and appreciate what I have now -- time to be with my children, time to homeschool them, time to eat meals with them, time to sing songs with them or dance around the house with them, time to read books to them, time to go on field trips with them, time to breastfeed my youngest whenever he wants to breastfeed (did the same with my eldest), time to share my faith with my kids and worship with them, time to witness their milestones and document them, time to exchange hugs and kisses any time we want to.
Life can really get VERY busy at times and in our busyness we can forget or fail to recognize God's many wonderful gifts to us.  One of those gifts is the gift of having a child.  I know a number of couples who had been praying to conceive a child for years now and are still waiting on the Lord.  That mom's breastfeeding story moved me so much that I had to literally stop working (READ: take off my author/writer's hat temporarily) so I can read it simply as a MOM minus the role/title of author or writer.
And did I tell you that this mom was tandem nursing her daughters?  Yes, she is breastfeeding two kids!  And she is also working from home.  Isn't that amazing?  Breastfeeding one child/baby can already be overwhelming at times especially when you're just starting.  So, moms like her who breastfeed multiple children are truly inspiring.
Today, I was blessed to read another breastfeeding success story.  This time, I was inspired by the dedication of the mom because she was not only working full time while breastfeeding her child, she also put up her own business.  I already hear a lot of moms share about the difficulty of breastfeeding while working full time outside the home.  But this mom did not only triumph over her work load as a full time working mom but she also triumphed over the work load of starting her own business.  Wow!  I was so inspired that I had to pause from working on my book project for a while to blog about my discoveries.
I just shared in one of the groups I'm a part of in Facebook that one of my reasons for writing articles, reflections and books is because I want to widen my reach.  I can't always go around or travel to give talks or share my stories or testimony.  But by writing my stories in a book or books, I'm able to reach out, inspire, encourage and minister to others who need to hear (or read) those words or hear that story.  I'm so grateful to God that He has called me into this ministry.  Today is one of those days when I have powerfully experienced the truth that the ministry is also for the minister.  I am confident that this book and these stories that I'm featuring in my upcoming book will inspire and bless many moms.  One of my reasons for this confidence is the fact that I am being blessed as I work on this book project.  Of course, my main reason for this confidence is God's call to me to embark on this project.  I didn't feel qualified or prepared for it.  But I am certain that God has called me to do it.  So, I obeyed and allowed the Lord to work through me and to use me in whatever way He wants me to spread His love.  I'm continuously praying that I'd be very open to God's grace for it is only by His grace that I'm able to do all that He wants me to do (including this breastfeeding book project).

Thank you, Lord, for filling my heart with joy and excitement for this dream that You have planted in my heart!  "Not to me, not to me, but to Your name be glory!"

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