Saturday, May 4, 2013

My Early Mother's Day Present: Ohrelle Shoes

I got myself an early Mother's Day gift last weekend. It's a new pair of shoes from Ohrelle and I wore it for the first time last night as I shared my story at The Feast in SM City, Sucat.
I bought my shoes at Cash and Carry Mall in Filmore, Makati. I wanted to buy a new pair of black shoes initially but the designs that I liked no longer had stocks for my size last weekend. I think it was a blessing in disguise actually because I considered other colors when I learned that I could not buy a black pair of shoes that day.
I was very happy to find a cream-colored wedge shoes that had my size. I was delighted even more when I realized that it's almost the same color as the two cream-colored bags I usually use these days. Talk about perfect find and perfect timing! Truly, sometimes "failures" are redirections to better things in store. That day or that weekend, my failure to find a new pair of black shoes for my shoe size led to a better blessing -- a cream-colored pair of shoes to match my two cream-colored bags!
Let me share two more reasons why I love the new pair of shoes I found:
1. It's open-toed. I'm not fond of closed shoes. They make my toes feel suffocated! ;) I love wearing open-toed shoes because they let my toes breathe.  I find these kind of shoes life-savers especially on very hot days.
2. It has wedge heels. I love shoes with wedge heels. I don't like wearing shoes with heels that are very thin and high for long periods. They are not only unhealthy to my calves and back, they also give me a lot of pain. I only wear heels for short periods of time. I'm not the stiletto type of girl. When I need to wear shoes with heels, I look for shoes with wedge heels. A wedge heel runs under the foot, from the back of the shoe to the middle or front. I love these kinds of shoes because they let me enjoy wearing high heels without sacrificing comfort. My calves are well supported with this kind of heels. These are the kinds of shoes I love wearing when I need to stand over long periods like when I conduct trainings and workshops.
So, that weekend, I really felt I have found a perfect Mother's Day gift for myself when I found this pair of shoes. :)
There are more designs to choose from actually in the Ohrelle boutique that I went to. But it was already late and the kids needed to rest already. There were also a lot of pairs that were on sale. Some were at 50% off. I was thinking of coming back to their store or check out their other branches in the next days to look for potential designs that I can give to my mom.
While preparing to write this post, I found out that Ohrelle shoes and bags are proudly Philippine-made. I read in an article that they were awarded in 2011 as  one of the staunchest supporters of the Marikina shoe industry.  This was done in SM Marikina.  Linda Salonga-Pastoral, the mompreneur behind Ohrelle shoes and bags, said in an interview in 2011, “We have been selling only made-in-Marikina shoes. Indeed, we are extremely proud of supporting the local shoe industry for the past 40 years.”
She also said during the dedication of their SM City North Edsa shop that she dedicates that shop to God and that all their success comes from God. You may read more about her inspiring mompreneur story here and here
I already felt good about my purchase upon realizing that I have a bag to match my new shoes; but learning more about Ohrelle and the woman behind this successful business made me feel even better. I admired Linda Salonga-Pastoral's courage, passion and faith in God. I think many aspiring mompreneurs like me can learn from her example.
So, if you are still thinking of what gift to give yourself this Mother's Day or if you're thinking of buying something for your Mom or other Mommy friends this coming Mother's Day, I recommend that you get them a pair of Ohrelle shoes or an Ohrelle bag! You'll not only make them happy but you will also support our local shoe industry and a local business.
I also recommend that you buy and use their GCs (gift certificates) which are now offered at a 20% discount to purchase Ohrelle products from their stores. Their GCs are available at P500 denominations. When you buy two P500 worth of Ohrelle GCs, you only pay P800. Thus you save P200 right away. You can use that to purchase a pair of shoes or two pairs of shoes depending on the shoes or sandals that you'd choose. I bought mine using two GCs. I just added P140  since the shoes I bought cost more than a thousand pesos.
You can find Ohrelle at Cash and Carry in Filmore, Makati, The Landmark, Shoe Center in Ali Mall, Robinson’s Malls and in Metro Gaisano at the Market Market, Global City in Taguig City.   
Do you want to buy Ohrelle GCs that you can use or give away as gifts to other Moms for Mother's Day or this month of May? Leave a comment in this post or email me at
Advance Happy Mother's Day!
Disclosure: I was given two Ohrelle GCs to write this post. However, I only write and endorse products that I believe in and I'm happy to use and support. Ohrelle is one of them. I would also get a small commission when you buy Ohrelle GCs through me.

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