Sunday, May 5, 2013

Celebrating a Milestone and a Year of Miracles

Today, I choose to pause and savor a victory that God has given our family. I choose to look back with gladness and awe at the past twelve months wherein we experienced God's favors and miracles. God has delivered us in the past year, month after month, by providing for our needs. This week marks a memorable milestone in our family life. This week we were able to pay the full downpayment for the new house we purchased. Amazing!
If you were following my blog and our adventure with God regarding this house, you would know that we bought this house mainly because God said so. God declared to me that He will give me and my family that beautiful house He showed me. I was happy with God's declaration and promise but I didn't know how we're going to purchase it for we didn't even have enough money then to reserve it. But as the Bible says, God's word does not return to Him empty but will carry out the purpose for which it was sent. And so, He did carry out what He wanted to do for me and my family. He helped us purchase this wonderful house. He helped us pay ALL that we needed to pay. He filled our pockets and bank accounts with money that we didn't have at the start. He gave me new projects I didn't even imagine I would have. He opened doors I didn't know were there. He just kept on moving me and my family forward until one day, which was a couple of days ago, I just realized that after one year, God has enabled us to pay the downpayment IN FULL! And the amazing thing about that is we have sold only one out of the two condominium units we were selling. Initially we thought that in order to pay for the downpayment, we need to sell both of our condominium units. Our God is AWESOME!
Today, I bask in His love and in His favors. I choose to delight myself in God's amazing goodness. I choose to savor this wonderful gift my family and I have just received from the Lord. Up to this very moment I need to pinch myself and repeat that it has really happened. It has come to pass... Wow!
Yesterday, we met with our developer's engineer and we chose the colors of the paints to be used for our new home's interiors. We talked about what other things we need to prepare to help them finish our house. We measured the dimensions of the different rooms of our house in preparation for the purchase of the furnitures and appliances we'd be bringing in to furnish it. It's happening... It was just a dream and now that dream is unfolding before our eyes.
We wouldn't be where we are right now if not for God's faithfulness and mercy. We wouldn't have gone this far if not for God's help and favors. We would not have the faith to believe that God's promise can come true if not for His grace.
We cannot call this house our future home if God did not pave the way for us, reserved it for us, and purchased it for us.
As I type in my laptop now, the Israelites come to my mind. Could this be how they felt as they stepped into the Promised Land? Did they also need to elbow or pinch each other to make them realize that it's really happening to them?
We would still need to have our bank loan approved before we can move to our new home but that is a small thing compared to what we had to hurdle in the past year. If God has enabled us to purchase this house even though we didn't have enough money saved in our bank account last year, then He can definitely grant us the rest of the things that we need in order to move into our new home.
Is there something that you heard God whisper to your ear recently that you find hard to accept and believe? I invite you to listen well to Him and take Him at His word; for He will not fail you. I took Him at His word around a year ago and He did not fail me and my family. Bank on His Word. Because whatever He says becomes reality. I believed this to be true. More importantly, I experienced this truth happen repeatedly in my life.
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