Monday, July 29, 2013

Learning the most important lesson in life

Our homeschool activities since summer have been quite irregular. Being consistent with our basic daily activities was even a challenge on some days. Thankfully, I've learned to stress less on following our desired structures and I have learned to embrace more the spontaneity of learning from daily life activities.
Last week, God gave me a glimpse to what my kids had been learning so far even though our homeschool activities are less structured in the past months. And what I witnessed was enough for me not just to be at peace but to be very happy and proud of my sons.
As I've shared yesterday in my post, When Things are At a Stand Still, my husband got sick last week. It has been our practice to pray for someone who is sick in our family by either laying our hand on the person or putting the replica of the Holy Family Icon on the part of the body of the sick person that is painful.
When my sons found out that their Dad is sick, my kids went to our altar right away. My eldest son got the Holy Family Icon while our second child got the rosary. Yanthy (our eldest) placed the icon over his Dads body (which was now shaking because of chills) and read the prayer at the back. Mateo was holding the rosary, doing the sign of the cross and laying his hand on his Dad. It is interesting to note that my eldest is only almost 5 years old and my second child is only 20 months old.
I was a bit worried already with my husband's condition then; seeing my kids pray over their Dad however relieved some of my worry. For deep in my heart I know that our loving Father in heaven can't refuse to hear the pure and fervent prayers of my sons for their Dad.
Looking back, I feel very much content with what my kids know and learned so far at this time. I believe that they have learned the most important lesson in life that I want them to learn. That lesson is that they have a loving God and Father in heaven that they can turn to for help in times of need and that He will not forsake them.
They can forget how to spell some words. They can always look it up using spell check or the dictionary anyway. They can forget to add or subtract. They can use a calculator if needed. If they need some information they can't remember or do not really know, they can look it up in Google.
But this is one lesson I want them to remember for the rest of their life because as long as they remember this, they will be okay. They will survive every storm that will come in their lives because they know who to turn to for help. Their Dad and I as well as their other family members and friends will not be there all the time to help them during their times of need. But God will always be there for them. That's all they really need to remember. That is enough. As St. Teresa of Avila once said, "God alone suffices."
Are you also a parent who homeschools your child? Feel free to share with me the most important lessons that you teach your kids by leaving a comment.

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