Thursday, October 3, 2013

Kerygma Magazine October 2013 Feature

If you have been following my blog for around a year now, you probably know our new home's story. We have been blessed to occupy our new house since July. This month, we have been given the opportunity to share about this miracle from God through Kerygma Magazine of Shepherd's Voice Publications, Inc. I'm so thankful for this opportunity! I know that this miracle that we received from God is meant to be shared to many. God paved the way for this to happen by opening this door to me. The last time I shared by story in Kerygma was when I got pregnant with my eldest son, another miracle from God. :)
It has been one great and awesome adventure with God just to be able to move to our new house. Our adventure continues as we live here. You may read about it here in one of my previous posts.
I encourage you to buy a copy of Kerygma Magazine this October to read our story and be inspired by it and the other stories in the magazine.

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