Saturday, October 12, 2013

Perfect Timing for My Radio Guesting

It has been months since George and I's radio guesting for Ang Kristiyanong Pamilya (DZME 1530 kHz, live streaming at has been scheduled and was postponed a couple of times. Finally, it will push through tonight at 9:15 PM but without George. He was sent abroad by their office for a special project so I will be the only one going there later.
Deep inside, I had been thinking that probably God will reschedule our guesting at a much better time. I thought that maybe one reason would be so that we/I can share how God delivered us from our house-related concerns. Because the last time we guested, we haven't moved to our new house yet. Now, we already live there.
Also, I realized that God rescheduled my radio guesting at a time when my upcoming book on breastfeeding is almost out. I had this insight when I read the readings for today especially the Gospel and the reflection in The featured Bible verse in today's reflection is from Luke 11:27 which says, “Blessed is the womb that carried you and the breasts at which you nursed.” I'm excited to share some of the things I learned while writing my book on BREASTFEEDING: A Journey Worth Taking about how privileged we mothers are to have kids and to breastfeed them.
I'm also excited to share once more how God's grace has been instrumental in helping me carry out God's call to me to write and publish my upcoming book.
God's timing is indeed perfect! I was reminded of this truth when I read the readings and reflections today. I pray that God would give me grace to always trust in His perfect timing and not to rush when I feel that things are unfolding slowly based on my perception. I pray that God would always enlighten me so that I would not subject myself to unnecessary worries.
There's a storm that landed in Philippine territory last night and the weather reports are a bit gloomy. But I am positive and excited because I know that the Son is shining His light on me today/tonight. I pray that His angels would protect us and provide for us as we go to the radio station later. I pray for His humble wisdom to speak His message that He wants me to proclaim tonight.  I pray that through this opportunity, the anchors and I would be able to inspire and touch hearts and souls tonight. May God be glorified!
So, don't forget, friends! If you are free later around 9:15 PM, do tune in to Ang Kristiyanong Pamilya (DZME 1530 kHz live streaming at Have a safe and blessed weekend!

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