Tuesday, November 19, 2013

God's Gift to Me Turns Two

A doctor once told me that my chances of conceiving a child gets slimmer as I advance in age. She told me this because I had polycystic ovaries and I was already in my late twenties.
I felt pressured then. "What can I do? How can I get pregnant when I don't have a husband yet? I don't have a boyfriend even?" Those were some of my thoughts.
Those challenging times in my life as a single lady strengthened my faith and resolve to marry only for the right reasons. I chose to stand by my faith in my God. I chose to hope in Him even as my chances of having a child decreased. I chose to put my future in God's mighty hands. I chose to stand by my decision to wait on the Lord to lead to me a man after His heart. I chose to believe that in God's time, He will open my womb and plant a seed so I could bear a child whom I can raise to love and serve Him.
God honored my decision not to rush things to happen... Not to rush God's perfect plan for my life to unfold before its time.
I eventually got married to the man who is an answer to my prayers to God. Shortly after we got married, God gifted us not just with one but TWO sons! My BIG GOD gave me TWO miracle babies! I'm so glad I waited patiently for God's perfect timing!
Today, I want to take time to shout my praise to my God who filled my heart with so much joy by allowing me to experience this wonderful privilege of giving birth to YOU and becoming YOUR mother.
Today, I rejoice for God's Gift to me turns two years old. My MATEO, my gift from God, has doubled my joy as a mother. Words are not enough to express how I feel about this wonderful gift that our family has received from God.
Today, I say a special prayer for my sweet, little boy whom I fondly call baby.
Dear Lord,
Thank you for MATEO. Thank you for showing us Your love by giving him to us. Thank you for using Him to fill our hearts with joy and love every day through his presence in our lives. Thank you for his smiles, his laughter, his sense of humor, his milestones, his embrace, his words, his songs, his prayers...
Please bless him with good health and protect him from all harm and evil. Surround him with love. Make him strong and courageous. Help him grow in faith and in the knowledge of You. Most of all, I pray that he would not remain a gift to our family alone but that he would become a gift to the people You would send him to. Amen.
I look forward to laughing with you later when you wake up... to hearing you sing your favorite parts in the Mass (Alleluia and Amen)... to nourishing you through my breasts... to reading to you and you reading to me... to making memories with you on your special day... to putting you to sleep again with your head resting in the crook of my arm...  
Happy Birthday, baby! Happy Birthday, Mateo! I'm so happy to have you as my son! You are definitely worth the wait! I love you very much!

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