Sunday, February 23, 2014

My Little Assistant Did It Again

My toddler son asked to be breastfed right after we had lunch a few days ago. I granted his request while I sat in one of our dining chairs.
In the meantime, while I was doing this, I saw my eldest son clear our dining table. He carefully placed the dishes in our kitchen sink. Then, he wiped our dining table.
I said thank you to him and asked him to brush his teeth and take a bath afterwards.
I continued to breastfeed my youngest son until he fell asleep in my arms. Thus, I could not move from my seat, afraid that I would wake him up.
After a while, I carried my sleeping son upstairs and put him down on the bed.
When I got down, I discovered that my eldest son not only cleared our dining table and wiped it, he also washed his and his younger brother's plates, utensils and glasses.
I was so pleased that when he stepped out of the bathroom I thanked him for what he has done as I patted him dry with a towel. I also kissed and hugged him. I told him that I was proud of him for being my little assistant.
I wrote about him being my husband and I's little assistant years ago here. After a little more than 3 years, this son of ours continues to be our dependable little assistant. Reading my previous post about him helping us made me realize that my eldest son truly has a heart for helping others. He is always on the look out for something that he can do to help. He's eager to give a helping hand. He's happy to help and contribute. He likes to be involved.
He has been like that even when we have maids. He helps our maids in their chores. So, I know that he's not only helpful to me or his Dad.
And on days like these when we don't have any maid, his help no matter how small is magnified and more endeared.
I remember a story I read to him and his younger brother entitled A BIG HELP. The animals in the story pitched in the little that they were capable of doing to help another animal. In the end, the little that they contributed to the big desired outcome that was actually needed to help the wounded bird in the story.

This is what I often tell my sons especially my eldest son. I remind him that he's actually a big help through the many little things that he does for me and my husband every now and then.  
I'm blessed to have him as my son. I pray that I would be able to express my gratitude to him every time he does something good and sweet. I pray that I would not be too busy to notice and praise him for his good works. Because in truth I am really happy and proud of him and what he does.
Do you also have a little assistant at home? Feel free to share what your own little assistant/s do in the comments.

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