Sunday, February 16, 2014

Nothing Fancy on Valentine's Day Yet Still Happy

Yanthy decorates a heart using red glitters and glue.
My kids and I spent the day before Valentine's Day doing some art activities. They decorated some hearts with paint and glitters while I supervised them. The kids love painting and I was happy to see my two children enjoy painting together. They finished decorating 4 hearts that day.
Mateo puts finishing touches on a heart that
his older brother painted before he woke up.

Painting together.
The heart on top and the one on the left is a joint effort of the boys.
Yanthy decided to give the pink heart to me and the one with blue paint to his Dad.
The red heart and the one on the right was made by my eldest.
He gave the heart on the right to his younger brother.
On Valentine's Day morning, I woke up to a wonderful surprise. My husband gave me 3 pink roses. I love flowers especially on Valentine's Day!
I initially wanted to go out with the kids and bond with them by playing in the park at The Fort and ride with my husband on his way to the office. But my eldest son was still sleeping and I wanted to show him love that day by not rushing him so I scrapped my plan of going out early with the boys. Instead, I had cereals for breakfast with my youngest son who was up early. We waited for his older brother to wake up until I realized it was already almost noon. So, I woke up my eldest son and told him that we will have a lunch date.
After eating sundae at McDonald's.
I had another plan again. I was thinking of going to McDonald's or Jollibee to eat spaghetti and strawberry sundaes with the boys. But my eldest woke up too late for us to go far from our house so we ended up eating lunch in a nearby café. It was still a good alternative. The pastas in that café are actually good. The boys had spaghetti while I had puttanesca. After finishing our pasta, we went to SM Bicutan to have our sundaes. My eldest wanted a chocolate-flavored dessert so I bought him hot fudge choco sundae while I got myself a strawberry sundae. We shared our sundaes with the little one. Mateo wasn't in the mood for a lot of sundae then so he just had a little.
After that, Yanthy rode a Lightning McQueen toy car and then we went to the Book Sale. We spent some time searching for good books but we were not lucky that day. We left and headed for the taxi stand. We were blessed to find the line at the taxi stand to be short and that we found a taxi right away that took us to SM Aura. Actually, I wanted to go to Bonifacio High Street at first but my eldest wanted to go to SM Aura. So, I gave in to his request.
We went to Toy Kingdom and they had a few rides. When I felt the rumble in my tummy, I brought them to Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf for some snacks. We went to the fountains and let them run around.
My Valentine dates.

We had ham and cheese pandesal and banana chocolate muffin.
We went back to Toy Kingdom again spent some more time there before we went home to go to Mass.
My husband and I were thinking  of going to Mass at the chapel in SM Aura since we were already there but our eldest son wanted to go to Mass near our house because he wanted to see his/our friend Tito Ed who usually plays the piano in the church. The kid prevailed and we went to Mass in our village. But before that we ordered dinner so that it could be delivered to our house after the Mass. Our eldest son's request prevailed once more. He wanted chicken from Bon Chon so that's what we ordered for dinner. Our eldest son doesn't eat a lot usually thus when he requested to have Bon Chon chicken for dinner on Valentine's Day, we granted it hoping that he will eat plenty that evening and to make him happy.
We had dinner after Mass and put the kids to sleep after cleaning up in the dining area and in the kitchen.
Finally, it was time for me and my husband to have some alone time when the kids were already in bed. We've decided to watch a few episodes from Merlin (a tv series that we both liked) before we called it a night. In truth, it was already the wee hours of the morning.
Because we slept late the night before, we woke up the following morning just before lunch time. Good thing I was able to thaw the steak and the ground beef for the pasta. I whipped up spaghetti for lunch and marinated the steak. My husband took care of grilling the steak. We had fun feasting on our food. My husband and I were also happy to use our new stove with grill to cook steak for the first time in our new home.
My HS BFF with my eldest son.
We were supposed to do some errands but we were too full to move after our very filling meal. hahaha! Thus, just rested before we left to attend a kiddie birthday party of my high school best friend's nephew. Before we left though, my eldest son painted a heart and wrote a love note for my best friend who is his godmother/ninang. We spent some time chatting with my best friend who is in the country for a vacation with her family before heading home.  
With my HS BFF, Antoinette.

Today, as I write this post, my sons are again painting a couple of hearts for their grandparents. My eldest son also started writing a letter for my parents.
There was nothing fancy that happened or that we did this Valentine weekend. Our Valentine celebration this year is more of a family day but it's okay. What is important is that we indulged in activities that made all of us happy.
How about you? How did you spend your Valentine weekend this year?

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