Sunday, March 23, 2014

Imperfect Words that Created a Connection

I sipped salabat (ginger tea) as I read one of the recent books I bought. I have read a number of stories from the book before I came to this page with these lines that seemed to jump out of it to pull me in.
"They may not have been the perfect words, but they were the right ones. My words created a connection between writer and reader..."
These lines were from Chicken Soup for the Soul -- Inspiration for Writers.
I have received a number of encouraging words from my readers in the past. These messages were either comments in my blog, emailed to me or sent to my mobile phone. Others were spoken to me in person while there were some sent through my book's Facebook page.
These lines from the book reminded me that though the words in the books, articles and reflections that I write are not perfect, God has used them and is continuously using them to create a connection between me and my readers.
I feel blessed to be given this gift and this opportunity.
I believe that stories have a way of stirring our souls and this writer's story that I read in the book stirred mine this afternoon.
I thank God for the reminder to let go of perfection and to simply heed the call to write when it comes... for imperfect though we are and our words, He can use them to bless other souls.
Do you also struggle with perfection as you write? You're not alone. Many writers go through that. Feel free to share your experience by leaving a comment. Then, read those lines I quoted above a number times and write something from the heart.

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