Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Laundry Sat: A Mountain of Laundry and a Torrent of Love

Two plastics hampers overflowing with laundry. There are also plastic bags filled with more laundry -- one is filled with delicates, another is filled with used rags, and another filled with bed sheets and curtains.
That was the scene in our maid's room that currently has no occupant because we don't have a maid right now.
We've been sending our dirty laundry to the laundry shop outside our village's gate for months. But my husband computed the monthly cost and told me one day that we'd save more money by buying a fully automatic washing machine. Thus, we bought a washing machine one Saturday.
The following Saturday (that was last Saturday), my husband taught me how to use our new household help.
My first time to use our new washing machine.
I needed him to demonstrate to me how to use it because I'm the kind of woman who needs demos to learn with machines and other technology-related items.
So, we began by loading the kid's dirty laundry (colored clothes first before the whites) inside the washing machine. 
I'm glad that it's so easy to use. You just need to put in the detergent and fabric softener and bleach (if you use fabric softener and bleach) and the clothes. Then, attach it's hose to your faucet. It will automatically fill up the tub with water that dissolves the detergent. Then, it begins to wash your clothes. You just choose the correct setting for the kind of clothes or items that you want to wash. Then, you can do other things while your washing machine takes care of your dirty laundry. You can just come back for the clothes after they are washed.
I love how this washing machine can give me and husband extra time! We can clean up or tidy the house while the clothes are in it. I can cook food while doing the laundry. I can homeschool my kids while it takes care of washing our dirty clothes. I can work on my laptop or take a nap if I want to. 
You can also dry the clothes in it but we like to hang the clothes to air-dry to be more environment-friendly. Anyway, it only takes a few minutes to hang them. I also like that the clothes are almost dry when you take them out of the washing machine so air-drying them takes only less than a half day or a couple of hours on a really sunny day.
So much for our mountain of laundry! Now, let me share with you about that torrent of love. 
Since it's the feast day of St. Joseph, husband of Mary and foster father of Jesus Christ, I'd like to honor my husband through this post as well.
Having him by my side during these maid-less months made these past months less burdensome. He has been there to literally share the load (laundry and all!). In fact, he is one of the reasons why I find reason to rejoice on a terribly exhausting day.
I'm grateful that he has been coming home early enough so we can hear Mass daily with our kids and have dinner together. I'm grateful that he makes time to do some chores before he goes to his office or at night.
Just like St. Joseph, he is the strong man behind our family. He provides not just for our financial needs but for our other needs as well. He's the one who usually reminds us to pray the Rosary. He also helps me in disciplining the kids. I'm grateful to God that he gave me a husband who chooses to be involved in our children's lives.
Here's a blog post I wrote to honor him last February titled Recognize Love in the Little Every Day Things.
Do you also have a mountain of laundry somewhere in your house? I hope you find a torrent of love as well amidst the dirty laundry.   

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