Friday, March 7, 2014

The Pianists

He runs to the piano and sits on the bench. He tinkers with the keys with his little fingers for a few minutes. Then, he helps out in turning it off and covering it.
That has been his routine after every Mass that we attend on weekdays. He'd eagerly say hi to our pianist friend Tito Ed who serves daily in our parish by providing the music for the Mass. Then, he'd sit on the bench, play for a few minutes, and learn from Tito Ed.
My 5-year old son has been practicing Amen these past days with Tito Ed. Yesterday, he practiced Amen again and he got it right perfectly on his right hand. His Dad and I, together with his mentor, were all pleased and proud.
This photo was proudly taken by my son's mentor
using his own mobile phone last year.
Tito Ed showed Yanthy how to play Amen with his left hand as soon as he saw that Yanthy can already play it using his right hand.
Our family has been blessed to have met Tito Ed. He has been a source of inspiration to us by his example of service. We are also very happy to have found a friend in him. My kids love him and look up to him. They love to imitate him in church. They pretend that they are also playing the piano just like him. Lately, even my youngest son (2-year-old Mateo) would sit on that bench and try to play with his older brother. He helps in covering the piano too.
Tito Ed's encouraging words and actions help nurture my kids' love for music and their desire to serve God using their gift in music. I honor him for his patience and for focusing on the good in my kids. No wonder they always look forward to seeing him, greeting him, and being with him. 
Yanthy poses with Tito Ed after Mass last year on his 5th birthday.
Personally, I thank God for him for he is one of the answers to my prayers. I've been praying to God for mentors or role models for my eldest son especially in music because I know that my son loves music and is gifted in it. I'm so glad to have found one in Tito Ed.
I also feel excited for my son. I know that he'd learn to play more songs in the piano if he perseveres. I look forward to that day when my eldest son would play the piano in church, not after the Mass but during the Mass. Imagining that future scene tonight as I choose to dwell on this happy moment that I have witnessed last night brought tears to my eyes. That is one of my dreams as a mother... to see not one but all of my kids serving the Lord with their talent, time and treasure. Last night, God gave me a glimpse of that future and that is enough for me now to continue bringing my kids to Mass as often as I could.

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