Tuesday, September 2, 2014

An Interview with a Hands-on Mom: Mommy Kat of Mommyfide PH

I first learned about her through a Facebook group that I was a part of. One of the members in the group mentioned her and her business. I was also in the process of finishing the e-book version of BREASTFEEDING: A Journey Worth Taking and I made a mental note to get in touch with her in case she's interested to have her breastfeeding-related business listed in my e-book.
My e-book has been launched and has become an Amazon bestseller and I'm thankful to the many people who in one way or another helped make this book project possible. Among them is Mommy Kat of Mommyfide PH.
Then, I thought of running a Facebook contest last month in celebration of National Breastfeeding Awareness Month. Mommy Kat was also among my generous sponsors. So, I thought of interviewing her to get to know more the wonderful woman behind this talked about nursing wear brand.
I was happy to meet her for the first time last Saturday at the Breastfeeding Forum at Asian Hospital where there was also a Moms and Babies Fair. Mommy Kat and I were among the mompreneurs who joined the bazaar.

Mommy Kat and Mommy TG at the Moms and Babies Fair, Asian Hospital.
Let me share with you my interview with Mommy Kat of Mommyfide PH.
Mommy TG: What was your work before you started your own business?

Mommy Kat: Before I was “Mommy Kat”, I wore all sorts of hats. First I helped manage our family business, Planet Exchange, a one stop fashion shop in SM City Cebu, then I tried doing the boutique business myself and then I worked for my uncle to manage his mini grocery in Ormoc and then I worked at PAGCOR as a card dealer and then at Citibank for a short period of time as an insurance specialist. I was quite restless and young and could not figure out what I really wanted. Nothing really fulfilled me.
Mommy TG: What/who inspired you to start your own business?
Mommy Kat: Liane Girl. When I look at my daughter, I just want to be the best version of myself, my supportive husband, R whose passion for people and integrity inspires me and my mom whose influence in business and fashion ever since I was little; it is actually as if she prepared me for this.
Mommy Kat with her inspirations.
Mommy TG: How and when did you start your business?
Mommy Kat: December 2013. I started with only 10 pieces of 2 Flow Pastel Tops which surprisingly sold out within minutes.

Mommy TG: How/Why did you choose Mommyfide PH as your business/brand name?

Mommy Kat: Originally, it was Mommyfied—because I was so inspired to transform ordinary clothes into Mommywear. My love for comfortable fashion and having a closet full of clothes I could not wear really encouraged me to pursue it thinking how many young moms like me are having a hard time choosing an outfit that is breastfeeding friendly and at the same time, still feel good with herself.

Mommyfide is derived from “bona fide” or original Mommywear.
Mommy TG:  How do you come up with the designs of your products?

Mommy Kat: Honestly, I think about it. I imagine it. I have a prototype made. We put them to the test before I have them mass produced. The truth is our tops and dresses have evolved so much in the year that has passed!
Mommy TG:  Who makes your nursing tops and clothes?

Mommy Kat: I am proud to say they are all Philippine made.
Mommy TG:  What are your bestselling designs/products?

Mommy Kat: FLOW Collection: tops, dresses, rompers and jumpsuits, Mommy-OH Tops and GO Collection Tops
Mommy TG: What do you consider your biggest business lessons so far?

Mommy Kat: The most valuable lesson I learned is that Mommyfide is founded in love and advocacy. The love for my baby, the love for breastfeeding, in turn, this love has driven me to share it to moms and babies to make their breastfeeding journey easier, pleasurable and comfortable by providing affordable, quality and fashionable clothes.
Mommy TG: What does your typical day as hands-on mom and mompreneur look like?

Mommy Kat: Liane always comes first. My day is tailor fit around her needs. I meet suppliers with her. We eat, read and play together. When she naps, it is when I do things for myself. It also helps that L has always had a schedule. At 8PM she is sound asleep, which gives me time to upload new items once a week or watch something together with my husband. A reliable nanny is also a huge help. Although L is always with me, an extra pair of hands assisting me in the other room or looking after L when we’re in a meeting allows me to do more things without having to worry that she’s bored or something.

Mommy TG: What do you think are the advantages of having a home-based business?

Mommy Kat: The best thing about it is being able to fulfill personal goals, earn, save, meet new moms, share my experience and advocacy, doing what I love while being able to spend time with the most important people in my life, my little family.
Mommy Kat with her husband and daughter, Liane.
If you are pregnant and you plan to breastfeed or if you are already breastfeeding and wants to invest on nursing clothes, I suggest that you head to Mommyfide PH's Facebook Page and check out their products.

Here's a sneak peek to their new designs.

Photo source here.
Flow nursing tee in my favorite color.
Perfect for denim pants or slacks.
Photo source here.
I was happy to have my own Mommyfide PH nursing tops last Saturday! Her nursing clothes can also fit pregnant women. This makes them good investments for moms who plan to breastfeed eventually when they give birth. I'm excited to wear the white Flow top I got together with my black blazer and slacks this coming Saturday when conduct a team building workshop for one of my clients.
What I plan to wear this Saturday
with my black blazer and slacks.
Photo source here.

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