Tuesday, September 30, 2014

How We Celebrated the Feast of the Archangels

I was supposed to write this post yesterday after our storytelling session but I felt tired and sleepy after my husband showed us a video about angels. ;)
Let me share now what we did yesterday to how we celebrated the Feast of the Archangels.
First, I guided the boys in hand painting angels. I got this idea from Catholic Icing. But instead of using canvass or fabric bags, we used blue bond papers in painting Saints Gabriel, Raphael and Michael. We also used a potato to paint the face instead of using a sponge.
Mateo, my 2-year-old son, painted St. Gabriel. I asked him to use yellow paint for St. Gabriel's clothes to symbolize the happy and good news that he announced to Mama Mary. I initially wanted to use white paint for the angel's wings but I discovered that there is very little white paint left in our supplies. It was just enough to make our dark blue paint lighter. So, we mixed the left over white with the dark blue paint and used it for the angels' wings.
Mateo's hand prints.
Yanthy, my 5-year-old son, painted Saints Raphael and Michael. He was excited to paint St. Michael because he wore St. Michael's costume last year during our homeschool group's All Saints' Day party. I asked him to use red paint for St. Michael to symbolize courage since he led the good angels in fighting the bad/fallen angels.
Yanthy's hand prints.
I asked him to use pink paint (we mixed white with red paint) for St. Raphael's clothes to symbolize that we can get back to the pink of health after this saint brings us God's healing touch.
I explained these symbolisms briefly to the kids before we worked on our hand paintings.
The kids used their hand prints to paint the clothes and wings of the angels.
Then, we air-dried them while we had lunch and they had their naps.
I guided Mateo's hands in adding glitters to his Archangel.
When they woke up, I asked them to finish their art work by adding a halo, glitters to the angels' wings or clothes and by writing the names of the Archangels and their names on their art work. I drew eyes and a smile on the faces of the angels.
Yanthy writes the Archangel's name and his name on his art work using crayons.
Mateo proudly shows his masterpiece.
After that, the kids played in our garage before we had dinner and prepared for Mass.
My husband arrived just in time before the Mass so we were able to go to Mass as a family. Yanthy noticed that St. Raphael was holding a staff in the photo shown at the beginning of the Mass. So I explained to him why during our storytelling session before bed.
Before bed, we told the boys stories about the Archangels beginning with a review of the Annunciation and St. Gabriel. Then, I told the story of St. Raphael and how he helped Tobit and Tobias. Lastly, we told them the story of the fight in heaven that happened between the good angels and the angels who chose to disobey God.
After that, my husband googled some short prayers to the 3 Archangels and we prayed them with the boys.
He also found a video about angels so we watched it first before finally retiring for the night.   
That's it! How about you? How did you celebrate the Feast of the Archangels with your family?