Thursday, October 9, 2014

M is for Mary and the Magi Activities

I have mentioned in one of my previous posts that M will be our second letter of the week. One of the things that influenced me to choose this letter is Mary's Feast as Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary that we celebrated the other day.
Let me share some of the activities we had in our family to celebrate the Feast of Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary.
First, my eldest child practiced playing the Marian songs that he knows in the piano; while my toddler son sang.
Second, I asked my eldest son to practice his writing, spelling and listening skills by writing a Bible verse about Mary that I dictated to him. Then, he finger painted a rosary at the bottom of the verse.
Third, we celebrated Mary's Feast Day by going to Mass. My eldest was very happy to hear the Bible verse he wrote read during the Mass. I was glad that he remembered where the verse was taken.
Fourth, we prayed the Holy Rosary as a family. We also sang a song about Our Lady of the Holy Rosary before sleeping.
Today, we had Mama Mary and Magi crafts from toilet paper tubes, bond paper, colored papers and glue.
Here's how we did our latest craft project.
1. We gathered our toilet paper tubes.
2. I asked my eldest son to trace circles on the bond paper to make the faces of the magi and Mama Mary.
3. Then, my eldest son cut the circles.
4. I cut patterns for the robes of Mama Mary and the magi. I asked the kids what colors they'd like the magi to wear and followed their suggestions.
5. I also folded yellow-gold colored paper and asked my eldest son to cut along the fold. After that, I folded the strips of paper and cut a triangle to make crowns for the magi/three kings.
6. Next, I showed my eldest son how to cut the circles again to form them into the faces.
7. I showed my sons where to put glue on the toilet paper tube and how to put the 'robes' around the tubes. Then, I helped them glue the ends of the paper to close the robes.
8. Next, I showed them how to glue the faces (bond paper cut outs) on the tubes with robes now. Then, they worked on putting the faces.
9. I showed them how to glue the yellow strip of paper to form crowns for the magi/kings.
10. I placed a veil by folding and cutting the remaining strip of  blue bond paper that we used as robe for our Mama Mary.
11. I drew the faces using a sign pen.

We were supposed to attached small boxes as gifts of the magi to the Baby Jesus but our match boxes are still full so those will have to follow after our matches are used up. ;)

The kids played a bit with our new toys. My eldest placed the Mama Mary craft on top of his piano and played some Marian songs and the Birthday Song (remembering that it was Mama Mary's birthday last month).
After making Mama Mary and the Magi, I read a book about the magi to the boys before their nap. 
I'm actually thinking of making a manger for the baby Jesus as well but I'm not yet sure how we will make it so that's all for now. ;)

Watch out for my next posts on the other activities with the letter M that we'll do this week as part of our Letter of the Week program!

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