Sunday, October 5, 2014

On Homeschooling and Being an Intentional Parent

A conversation early this morning reminded me of this verse:

Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom. Psalm 90:12 NIV

Let me share how this verse is stated in other versions or translations:

Teach us to realize the brevity of life, so that we may grow in wisdom. (NLT)

Teach us how short our life is, so that we may become wise. (GNT)

You may read the other versions or translations here together with some commentaries on the verse.

I'm quite familiar with this verse. I took it to heart years ago as a renewed Christian. This verse reminds me to live my life passionately for God and to do my best in striving to live out God's Will in my life.

Now that I'm a parent, I continue to use this verse as guide.

I think that this verse has become more real to me now that I'm a parent with small kids.

I highly recommend this Bible verse for meditation and study to my fellow parents, homeschoolers or not.

It's good to be reminded that we are not guaranteed that we'll be able to spend time again with our kid/s tomorrow or the next day, next week, next month or next year -- whether we are in the pink of health or not. We do not know how long or short our lives will be here on earth. Thus, we need to be intentional with the way we choose to live our lives, especially when we have young children.

How do we want our kids to remember us?

What kind of memories do we want our kids to remember when we are already gone?

Would you have regret as your companion on your death bed or would you happily recall the wonderful moments you have shared with your spouse and children?

I recently read an article wherein a father who earns billions chose to quit his job because his 10-year-old daughter gave him a list of important dates/milestones in her life that he missed. That list was a wake-up call for the man to rethink the way he is being a father to his child.

What would you feel if your child would one day come up to you either with a written list of missed milestones or would simply enumerate to you these missed milestones and asks you why you chose to miss them? For in truth, we all have a choice. At every second of our lives, we all have the power of choice. The question is: how do we use this power? Do we choose to use it at all? Or do we let others or our circumstances make choices for us?

If today is the last day of your life, how would choose to spend it with your kids?
One of the things I am most grateful for in my life now as a parent is that I'm able to homeschool my kids.

I did not plan for it. I didn't know about it until my husband asked me one day to look into it and investigate it.

Years later, here I am enjoying  our homeschool adventure with our kids. I'm not saying that I'm enjoying every moment of it because there are days when I simply want to rest and do other things. But I'm enjoying it a lot MOST days. 

I thank God for homeschooling. I thank Him for the grace to enjoy the journey. I thank Him for this opportunity to be an intentional parent through it.

Homeschooling our kids 'forces' me to plan ahead and to be discerning with our family activities, what lessons we would include in our curriculum, what we'd focus on and what we can delay.

Homeschooling provides for me a lot of opportunities to bond with my kids and to get to know them deeper.

Homeschooling enables me to influence my kids in a very powerful way since I am their primary teacher. My role as homeschool mom reminds me of my big responsibility in molding my kids and the kind of influence that I have on them. In truth, this sometimes scares and pressures me knowing how flawed and sinful I am. But God is always quick to assure me that He does not call me to be a perfect mom to my kids. He reminds me daily and many times a day, that His call to me is faithfulness in this call to be an intentional parent to them.

There is always something we parents can be busy with. I can say that with confidence because even though I stay home and I run a home-based business, I can get REALLY busy! I was also very busy when I was a full time SAHM! I think the word mom comes automatically with a long to-do list! Do you agree?

However, being busy does not always mean that we are in the right place. We need to be busy with the right things. And if God has blessed us with kids, have we asked God what He expects us to do with these beautiful lives He has entrusted to us? Are we living each day of our life as if it is our last? Are we teaching our kids what God wants us to teach them? Are we preparing them not just for their future here on earth but also for eternity? 

If we are not mindful of how we live our own lives, how can we effectively influence the lives of the children God has blessed us with? 

So teach us to consider our mortality, so that we might live wisely. (Net Bible)

I pray that I would not forget this truth each day so I would be faithful in carrying out my duties as mom. I want a smile to be on my lips and on my children's lips as we recall our times together on my death bed. I want us to rejoice because we have shared lot of beautiful memories from their childhood.

What are your thoughts on this verse I shared? Feel free to share them with me by leaving a comment.

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