Monday, August 17, 2009

Celebrating God’s Goodness and Faithfulness

We’re already three months married today! I feel so blessed reflecting on how good God has been to me personally. Now that I’m pregnant and unable to do most of the usual things I used to do before, I came to realize how loved I am, not only by God but also by my husband.

I was so excited before when I have just tendered my resignation how I would busy myself serving my husband and surprising him with the different dishes I plan to cook for him. But because of my current condition wherein I don’t feel well most of the time and I feel tired easily, I’m not able to serve him as much as I would want to. I’m still able to cook for him most of the time but there are days when he ends up cooking for both of us.

I sometimes feel disappointed with myself though some friends tell me that it’s understandable because I’m pregnant and I’m still in my first trimester. They tell me that it’s important that I get plenty of rest these days not just for myself but also for our baby. I thank God for friends who support me at this time but most especially I thank God for a very loving and supportive husband. He doesn’t show any disappointment at all whenever I’m not able to serve him much lately. Instead, he eagerly takes on doing the things that I used to do at home like cooking or organizing and tidying the house or our things.

I felt so touched during those times that he eagerly prepared our dinner although he has already worked hard in the office the whole day. I can’t help but give praise and thanks to God whenever I remember that this is the kind of man I prayed I would end up marrying and sharing the rest of my life with. I told God before that I don’t like chauvinistic men – men who would not want to engage in activities that they consider for women only. I heard of stories before of men who would not lift a finger to help their wives in doing household chores because they find these things so unmanly. These men think that running the household is mainly a girl thing and that their main role is to simply provide. Well, I don’t agree with these men. I think that men who choose to do their share in the household chores because of their love for their wives, be it cooking, washing dishes or doing the laundry, are more admirable than those who don’t.

Actually, even when I’m the one cooking, my husband does not just sit around and wait for me to finish working in the kitchen. He tries to help in whatever way he can, either by washing the plates or ingredients or by giving me water because it can be very hot sometimes in the kitchen. I thank God for a husband who chooses to share as many activities as possible with me which makes me enjoy married life even more. I remember one time when he said to me that I should teach him how to cook so that when I can’t do it anymore because my tummy is already big and I’m not feeling well, he can cook for me. My heart was really filled with gladness that night.

My disappointment about my self are washed away by these experiences when God shows me a different George, another side of him that I didn’t see right away. I’ve always known him to be very tender and gentle but this is something new that I discovered. Well, I’m glad God paved the way for me to discover it. So, instead of feeling disappointed, I thank God for these opportunities wherein I’m able to bask both in God and my husband’s unconditional love.

These are just a few reasons why I celebrate God’s goodness and faithfulness today. I’m excited to discover more of God’s goodness and faithfulness in the next days of our life together.

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