Monday, August 17, 2009

God’s Father’s Day Gift to George

My husband received a very special gift from God last month as we celebrated his first Father's Day. We started the day early by going to my ob-gyne at St. Luke's hospital. After that, I had my fifth month ultrasound to check if the baby has any abnormalities and to find out the gender.

After around an hour of waiting for my turn for the ultrasound, we were greeted with the good news that our baby is healthy and there are no defects at that time of the scan. We also found out that our baby is a boy, something that my husband, George, was wishing for.

I was touched to see how joyful he was when I shared with him the result of the ultrasound and told him that he got a wonderful first Father's day gift from God. He was simply very happy that he was even moved to tears.

As I watched him bask in his moment, I could not help but praise God for that opportunity of allowing me to see my husband very happy and making me instrumental in giving him that kind of happiness.

I guess that was the first time that I really praised and thanked God for the gift of motherhood.

Less than four months to go before I give birth and everyday I see the joy in my husband growing each passing day. I pray that my baby and I would continue to be strong and healthy until it's time for me to give birth. I'm excited to see not just our baby's face but also my husband's face when he finally gets to hold our son in his arms.

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