Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Finding a New Purpose

I was reading my husband’s Purpose Driven Life Journal when I came across this Bible verse: “Write down for the coming generation what the Lord has done, so that people not yet born will praise him.” (Psalm 102:18 GNT) I felt my heart leap as I read the verse. I felt that God has stirred my soul to discover a new purpose for writing.

I have always loved to write about my experiences especially about the many wonderful things the Lord has done in my life. Writing is one of the ways by which I express my love for God. It gives me great joy to write down my reflections and to share them with the people I love. Eventually, I have learned to share them even with strangers after I have discovered that somehow my reflections bring others closer to God.

Last night, God gave me an additional reason to write through the verse I encountered. This time, one of my motivations to write is to leave something behind for my son (or future children and grandchildren) to read, something that would recount to him how blessed our family had been to have God as our loving Father and Friend.

My husband and I have actually started writing down our blessings and answered prayers last year as we celebrated the New Year. But since we came up with quite a long list and we found it challenging to remember all our blessings in the past year, we decided to do it monthly instead of yearly. We have faithfully done so in the past three months and coming across this verse was very encouraging for us. We felt God’s affirmation that what we are doing is something that would benefit not only us as a couple but it would eventually benefit our son (or future children). With this new realization, I felt greater excitement to list our blessings at the end of each month. I also gained renewed determination and zeal to write about my experiences of God’s goodness in my life. I’ve always been grateful for my journals because they help me remember how much I’ve struggled and grown in the past years and how faithful God has always been. Reading them fills my heart with joy, praise and thanksgiving for God. Now, as I write another journal entry, I can almost see and feel how it would benefit the next generations in our family. I have dreamed and longed for a family that would be one household in serving and glorifying God. He has already laid the foundations for it. I’m excited to work hand in hand with God to fulfill it.


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