Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My Baby

My little boy has been my source of joy these past days. One time he imitated my Little Teapot action while dancing. At another time, he did the actions while I sang “I have two hands...” Earlier, he opened and closed his hands when he heard me sing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star to him. For a while, I can only wonder if he’s learning or absorbing all the action songs I’m performing in front of him. Now, I’m getting my rewards! He’s so cute and adorable as I watch him do the actions for the songs.

Last night, my husband asked when our son would “really” start talking. Then, we agreed that maybe before he turns two years old or when he turns two. This afternoon, Yanthy surprised me when he said the word “baby” very clearly for the first time. Yanthy can already identify a lot of objects whether in real life or in books and magazines. But he can’t articulate a lot of them very clearly. Most of the time, he says the first syllable only of the word or something that sounds like it. Or in the case of most animals, he imitates the sounds that they make. This afternoon, he repeatedly said “baby” as he pointed at the pictures of babies in the magazine I was reading. He was playing in his crib and when he saw me read a magazine, he walked towards me. I was pleasantly surprised to hear him say the word “baby” very clearly. I encouraged him by praising him and making a conversation with him. I said, “Yanthy is my baby.” He surprised me again when he said, “my baby.” I then asked him, “Who is my baby?” He gamely touched his chest as if saying me. Wow! This is the first time I heard him say two different words as if using phrases to communicate. Before, he would only use one word either repeatedly or say a word and add “momma” or “daddy.” Like he would say, “Momma... key...” Then he would pull me towards where we keep our keys to tell me that he wants me to get them for him. This time, it was different!

This is an exciting time for us! I’m excited to teach him nursery rhymes, songs and poems. I’m excited to hear him read. As early as a few months old, I already saw in him an interest in books. I wouldn’t be surprised if he would grow to be a bookworm like me. Ahhh... Slowly but surely, I’m rewarded for the many times I’ve talked, danced and sang to him. I realized that being a parent (especially a mom) is a lot similar to being a farmer. It takes a while before you get to see results on top of the soil. It can be challenging sometimes when you don’t see anything happening yet. But the truth is that growth is happening underneath the surface. Your plant or crop is growing roots. Then, slowly that growth is manifested upwards when it starts to grow a stem, leaf, trunk and fruits eventually.
This same principle applies to toddlers like my son. In the beginning, they just absorb all that’s around them through their five senses. Then, one day they start talking and you’d realize that they had been paying attention to a lot of things.

Thank you, Yanthy, for making my day very memorable! I’m looking forward to have many wonderful conversations with you in the future. Until then, Mommy would patiently teach you and take baby steps with you. I love you very much, son!


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