Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Word World Book: One Great Book Sale Find!

I just came from the grocery with my little boy when I decided to drop by the nearby Book Sale store to check out if there are nice books on sale. I love going there to hunt for good finds and I usually end up buying a number of nice books either for my personal consumption or for giving away to family and friends. I can spend hours going through the piles of books and inspecting each one to see if it’s new or if it’s still in good condition in case it’s pre-owned.

On this particular afternoon, I chanced upon one great find. I found a brand new book based on one of my son’s favorite TV shows -- Word World! I didn’t know that there are already books based on the show. But I was certainly delighted with my latest discovery. Now, I can read this book to my son whenever he insists that he wants to watch Word World and it’s not yet time to watch it. Plus, it was only P85! Some hardbound books and those that encourage activity like touch and feel or pull the tab books can be as much as P300 or more in a regular bookstore. I have not seen it, however, in the regular bookstores that my family frequents. So, I bought it right away since it was the only copy available. The store’s staff said that they are not sure when they would have more copies delivered.

My two-year old son and I were so excited to read the book. We read it as soon as we got home from the mall. And as I read it with him, I realized what a really great find it was! The book is a pull the tab kind of book entitled Dog is Lost. Books like this that encourage activity and participation are very good for toddlers especially active and curious ones like my son. The story revolves around the BEAR who was searching for her friend DOG. BEAR goes around Word World looking for DOG and asking other Word World friends if they have seen DOG. There is tab that the child can pull at every page to find out if the animal hiding behind something was DOG. At every page also, one or two letters of the animal’s name is shown to give a clue. When the child pulls the tab, he/she would see the complete name of the animal. The book is so entertaining and educational! You get to ask the child at every page if he/she has seen DOG and if the animal hiding at a particular spot in Word World is DOG based on the letter or letters shown.

My son and I had so much fun reading it that afternoon. We must have read it a number of times already before his Dad came home. Then, he asked his Dad to read it again to him when his dad arrived from the office. At that moment, I learned another wonderful way to maximize his learning from reading the book by simply watching my husband read it to our little boy. His Dad asked Yanthy to spell the names of the animals who were hiding and who the BEAR thought was her friend DOG after pulling each tab.

Since then, this Word World book has become one of our son’s favorite books every time we read. He gets animated at every page. Sometimes, I see and hear him read the book on his own. He has learned to read and spell around a dozen of words by watching the show Word World almost everyday. With the book, he has learned to spell and read additional words like DOG, COW, PIG and BARN. I’m so glad I found and bought it that fateful afternoon at the Book Sale! I’m very grateful to God for giving us this blessing. Moreover, I’m excited to head to the Book Sale store again after we go to the grocery next time to check if they have other titles on Word World. I hope to find more.

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