Friday, March 18, 2011

A Stay-at-Home Mom Chronicles Her Day

His soft cheek was pressed snugly to my cheek as we cuddled for an afternoon nap in our sofa. A peaceful smile rests on my face as I close my eyes and bask in the warmth of our embrace. Only a couple of hours have passed since our wall clock struck 12 and we have filled our hungry stomachs; and yet, I fill that my heart is already bursting at the seams because of the wonders of this seemingly ordinary day. I can’t help myself from taking this time to pause, savour, document and capture the beauty in my ordinary experiences as a stay-at-home mom.

My wonderful day started with lots of hugs from my husband as I woke up and lazily stretched on our bed. Then, I read my devotionals and said my morning prayers. I went outside to join my husband at the breakfast table. I slowly sipped a hot ginger ale flavoured with calamansi and honey as I chatted with my husband. I was not yet hungry so I decided to simply drink a glass of low-fat milk. My husband headed to the bathroom to take a bath after eating his breakfast while I decided to send an important email and check my inbox while waiting for my little boy to wake up.

As I hit the shut down button on our computer, I heard my husband open the bedroom door and announce that our son is awake. I welcomed him with an embrace and sang my morning song to him. Afterwards, we walked with his Dad to our main door and kissed him goodbye.

It’s now breakfast time! Eating breakfast together has been one of my cherished moments with my son lately. He has learned to eat and enjoy oatmeal and cereals, which my husband and I usually have for breakfast together with whatever fruit in season. Today, we had oatmeal and banana for breakfast. We exchanged smiles between spoonfuls and before we ate our bananas, we sang some songs. We sang some more songs after finishing our breakfast, read some books, watched his favorite phonics video and pretended that we were having a picnic in our living room for an hour or so before we had our snack and took a bath.

After that, I cooked for him one of his favorite soups – potato and bacon soup – while he played with our maid. I fed him his lunch and watched with him one of our favorite tv shows on the Disney channel, Word World.

I gazed lovingly at my two-year old boy as he sleeps on his crib and said a prayer of thanks to God for letting me experience this inexplicable joy. Words may not be enough to tell the complete story of my day that unfolded beautifully; still, I choose to etch it some more in our memories with another blog entry.

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