Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Big Carrot and Baby Carrot Painting

First art work together of Yanthy and Mateo.
Yesterday marked Yanthy and Mateo’s first art work together. Since it was also Mateo’s first time to eat carrots, I thought of doing this art activity with both of them. It’s very simple.

First, I showed Yanthy how to come up with the color orange. I showed him that by mixing the paints red and yellow, we will have an orange paint. It’s amusing even to me as the red and yellow paints fused to become orange. This was not only an art activity but a science activity as well.

After that, I painted one of Yanthy’s feet with the orange paint and asked him to step on the bond paper. To make sure that most of the paint on his foot would transfer to the paper, we counted up to 20 before I asked him to lift his foot. So, we got to practice counting, too.

Then, it’s Mateo’s turn. While our helper was cleaning Yanthy’s foot and removing the paint, I painted Mateo’s foot orange. I then pressed the bond paper (with a magazine to support it at the back) on Mateo’s foot. Viola! There is now a baby carrot beside Yanthy’s big carrot.

For the leaves, I asked Yanthy what finger he would like to use to paint the leaves on his big carrot. He chose his index finger. I helped him dip it on green paint and guided his finger until he has finished putting leaves on his carrot.

It’s Mateo’s turn again. I painted Mateo’s big toe instead of his finger for the leaves on his baby carrots because Mateo like to suck his fingers. I wanted to be safe so no finger painting yet for him. After pressing his big toe thrice, we finished our simple carrot art activity.

I was very happy to have an activity where both Mateo and Yanthy can join. It may be simple but it gave all three of us an opportunity to bond together especially the brothers. The bonus treat is that with this art work, I was able to document Mateo’s foot print on his sixth month and compare it side by side with his big brother’s who is now three and a half. This activity encourages me to think of more activities we can do together in the future to help strengthen the bond between my sons. I pray that God would provide me with plenty of inspiration as we go along.

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