Friday, May 25, 2012


I feel that God has been putting me and my husband in suspense because of the concerns we’ve been facing these past months.  We have been praying for three major concerns since we made the leap of faith to obey the Lord.  Just like in the past, God inspired me during my times of prayer to meditate on His Words and act on them out of obedience.  I shared the inspiration with my husband and he affirmed God’s promptings to me with his support.

I had been praying fervently for these concerns especially yesterday when it dawned on me that God might answer our prayers at the eleventh hour or at the last minute.  It can be unsettling; but as I recall the countless times that He has delivered me and my family from many troubling situations, peace rested in my soul once more. 

This morning, God spoke to me through a brother in the faith and a Christian song he shared with me entitled While I’m Waiting by John Waller from the movie Fireproof.  I have seen the movie Fireproof but this song did not strike me then.  Today, as I listen to the song and meditate on the lyrics, my heart can’t help but jump for joy.  The song sums up what I’m currently going through.  It also tells what I’m doing while I’m waiting for God to answer my prayers.

As I write this reflection now, God reminds me of my baby Mateo and one of the games he likes to play – peek-a-boo.  God reminds me through this simple game that there is something wonderful waiting for me after the veil of suspense is lifted.  He reminded me of Mateo’s beautiful smile every time we play this game and I say “boo” after I show him my face.  Sometimes, he not only smiles, he even giggles with delight as he sees my face again.  God reminds me through this game with my baby that every time He puts me or my family in suspense, it’s like we are playing peek-a-boo with Him.  He gives us a peek of the wonderful things He has in store for us.  He covers or hides it for a while.  Then, He surprises us again by showing His face.  And when we recognize God in our circumstances again, we smile and sometimes cry out of joy and relief. 

I’m excited to see God’s face and His surprise.  This new song I learned and new insight I have strengthens my commitment to serve and worship God even as I wait in suspense.  It gives my heart not only peace but excitement as well as I wait in joyful anticipation for God to lift His veil.  Suddenly, the simple game of peek-a-boo has new meaning to me. 

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