Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Our Father's Day Art Project

We were supposed to do this art project last Sunday as a Father's Day bonding activity for our family, especially for my husband and our kids.  But my husband needed to go to the hospital for an MRIS to find out why his right shoulder is persistently aching; so, we had to postpone it.

The concept is very simple.  We simply need to paint their feet and have them stamp on a white cartolina.  I had a message in mind but did not reveal it to my husband until he got home to see our finished art project.

We finally had the chance to push through with our activity last June 19, which incidentally is our baby Mateo's 7th month.  It was a great way to document Mateo's footprint. 

I asked my husband to do his part of painting his feet and stamping it on the cartolina before he took his bath and went to work yesterday since he sometimes gets home late and by then, the kids need to slow down already and get ready for sleep.  We wanted this to be a project done during day time for the kids.  Moreover, I didn't want my husband to see me and my sons working on it for some element of surprise.

So, when our kids woke up and had their breakfast, I painted their feet as well.  I painted Yanthy's feet first.  Just like his Dad, I asked Yanthy to choose the color of the paint we will use for his feet.  He chose green.  After putting his footprints on the cartolina, Yanthy took a bath.  It was Mateo's turn now.  I chose yellow paint for Mateo's footprint.  We also gave Mateo a bath after we stamped his footprint on the cartolina and while letting the paint dry.

The next step I did was to write a message with a pencil using broken lines so my eldest son, Yanthy, can practice his writing skills by tracing them.  We did this exercise to finish our art project when he woke up from his afternoon nap.

Yanthy patiently tracing the letters
using watercolor pencils while on the floor.

He used our watercolor pencils at first.  He finished them all without assistance from me.  I had to motivate him though every now and then because there were times when he wanted to quit and do something else.  I noticed however that the lines were too thin thus making the words difficult to read from afar.  I asked him to use his jumbo crayons instead to trace the message again.  This time, I had to give him some assistance because he didn't want to do it anymore except if I hold his hand.  I also involved him in choosing some of the colors we would use in tracing the words or our message to his Dad to get him to cooperate.

We eventually finished our Father's Day art project and we were so happy and proud with our work.  We had it taped at the wall near our main door so my husband can see it right away when he comes in.

Below is our finished art project.

My son liked reading the message over and over even when his Dad is not around.  I hope and pray that he would take this message to heart and really grow to take on the good and admirable qualities of his Dad.

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