Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Mother's Reflections on Cleaning and Dressing Wounds and Scars

It has been more than a week since our eldest son, Yanthy, scraped his knees when he fell after running very fast while playing outside the house.  The result: two wounds on his right knee and one big wound on his left.
Wounds on Yanthy's right knee.

He had been crying so hard for since day 1 every time he hears that it's time for his bath.  He would cry really hard that his body would be shaking.  When we ask him why he's crying, he would say that his wounds are painful and he's afraid.

Wound on Yanthy's left knee.
My husband and I would do our best and try different strategies to comfort him and to dispel his fears.  Since Yanthy got wounded on a weekend, his Dad took charge of cleaning them and dressing them during the first weekend.  I took over after that.
His wounds with dressing.

It has been more than a week and Yanthy's cries before bath time are lesser and if he'd cry it would be shorter compared to the first few days.

He was more cheery also when we bring out the cleaning supplies these past days because his wounds are starting to dry up and heal.

Since he sustained those wounds, he sat down longer to play and read.  We got to read more books together and conversed more.  We also embraced each other more often.

Looking back, I thank the Lord that He has given me this opportunity to be with my son when he needed me the most.  For us grown ups, having wounds may no longer be a big deal.  But not for kids like Yanthy who scraped their knees big time for the first time.  I'm glad that my husband and I were there on the same day it happened.  I'm glad that we were there to embrace him tight as he sobbed for what seemed like hours.  He actually fell asleep from crying after his Dad cleaned and dressed his wounds for the first time.  I'm grateful that he was not left to just a maid who might not be knowledgeable enough of the right things to do to clean and disinfect his wounds.  I thank the Lord that I'm not working outside the house anymore and I was able to clean and dress his wounds myself, comfort him and cuddle with him until he was no longer afraid or in pain.

I thank God that He has given me and my son an opportunity to bond and though it started out to be a very unpleasant situation for both of us, it's slowly showing me the truth that good things can come out of bad situations.  I wasn't happy that my son got wounded.  But I'm happy that while he was in pain and was afraid, I was there for him.  I'm happy that when he remembers this episode in his childhood, he would remember that Daddy and Mommy took care of him and that we were instrumental in helping his wounds heal.

I'm happy that we were able to teach and reinforce lessons to him through his experience.  Initially, he said he doesn't want to run anymore so that he would not fall and get wounded.  After a few days, he said he will not run fast anymore.  Yesterday, he was running again... fast!  I'm glad he did not get traumatized to be back to his usual active self by the experience.  I do hope that he would remember the safety lessons we've been constantly reminding him of. 

What's my biggest take away from this experience as a young mom?  I can't be with my children ALL THE TIME to watch over them and protect them from getting hurt.  BUT I can and should be there for them WHEN THEY NEED ME THE MOST so that they would be confident of my love, commitment and love for them even in times when I'm not beside them.

Other lessons learned?  A hug and a mother's touch and presence always make hurts seem less painful or make the hurt go away.  The joys that one experiences when the wounds start to heal are doubled when shared with someone you love. 

The scars after more than a week since he got wounded.

I've been worrying in the past days because I was concerned that his wounds would leave ugly scars on his knees until I remember now a story wherein a boy rejoiced over his scars because those scars remind him of his mother's love.  I still pray that my boy's wounds would heal well and that they will not leave ugly scars on his skin.  But in case that wish of mine is not granted, I pray that like the little boy in the story I heard, my son would remember my love and that of his Dad's for him every time he sees his scars.

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