Thursday, July 12, 2012

My Sons' New Favorite Action Song

I just want to share this action song that my sons enjoy listening and dancing to these past days.  We stumbled upon this song video in You Tube last week while searching for nursery songs we can listen to.  We usually play music in our dvd and stereo or play with our musical instruments when we want some music.  But since our dvd was broken and my eldest son was not in the mood to play his musical instruments, we turned to my laptop.  And this is what we found.

I led my sons to do the actions while listening to the song.  My eldest son gladly followed with matching dance moves.  My baby liked it too and he kept on bouncing while our helper was holding him.

These past days, even when we don't watch this video in my laptop, I can hear my eldest son singing and doing the actions in the song.  Sometimes, he sings it while playing with one of his musical instruments.  He simply loved it!   He loves the jumping part the most. :) 

You might want to share this with your kids, too.

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