Thursday, August 2, 2012

There's a Rainbow After the Rain: An Art and Science Activity

It has been raining in the past days so I kept my little boy busy with activities that can be done inside the house.  We talked over and over about the rain, why it rains and why there are floods in some areas.  Then, I told him that one thing we can look forward to after the rain is a rainbow just like in the story of Noah. 

He asked if he can watch a Barney video and I agreed after I told him that he has to stop when I say it's time to turn off the tv.  Incidentally, there was a rainbow song in the Barney video he watched thus his desire to paint was reinforced by it. :)

Since it was almost lunch time, I told my little boy that we will just paint after his nap or after his OT session.  I asked his therapist if they will have an art activity because he was looking forward to one.  I'm glad that his therapist had it in her line up of activities in their session.  They did a cut and paste activity with some writing.  They searched for pictures of Yanthy's favorite things from magazines.  Yanthy cut them and pasted them in a bond paper.  Then he wrote his name on top of the bond paper.
Cars, soccer, cellphone, computer and Woody and his friends
are some of Yanthy's favorite things.

I thought he would not remember or would want to push through with our rainbow painting activity but he reminded me about it as soon as his therapist went home.

So I asked his help in preparing the things that we need for our painting activity.  We lined up our paint bottles on top of the newspaper, got our paint brush and some water, and positoned our paper on the table.  I asked him again the different colors of the rainbow and reminded him of their sequence before we started painting.

Here's how our rainbow painting looked.
Our art and science activity yesterday.
We mixed some colors to come up with the other colors of the rainbow
like orange and purple.

As usual, Yanthy enjoyed playing with the paint and brush and he was absorbed in the activity.  He wanted to paint some more but I told him that it's time for dinner.  We must have spent at least 30 minutes painting.  We washed our hands and bonded over one of our rainy day favorites, ham and potato soup.

To some, rainy days are gloomy days.  But these past rainy days were blessed days for me and my son as we spent quality time with each other.  Another reason why I was happy yesterday was that Yanthy's therapist said that she would be recommending soon that Yanthy "graduate" from his OT sessions because he has already improved a lot since he started.  She said that Yanthy has much longer attention span now, higher frustration tolerance, better impulse control and is showing more discipline in adhering to the house rules during their sessions.  I felt so relieved!  I was actually thinking of bringing that up with her because I also noticed some improvements in Yanthy especially when we have our activities.  I was so glad God affirmed me in my plan through her yesterday.  Through our art and science activity and the good news from Yanthy's therapist, God reminded me that though I'm dealing with some concerns these days, there's a rainbow that will soon appear in my horizon.  I can't help but remember a song by South Border entitled Rainbow where a line goes: "there's a rainbow always after the rain."

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