Friday, September 21, 2012

More books from the Booksale

My kids and I went to the Book Sale again last September 19.  It was one of our simple but fun ways to celebrate our baby Mateo's birthday.  I was looking for new toys to buy for Mateo that day.  Sadly, I did not find the toys I was looking for at the department store.  We were told by the sales lady that they are currently out of stock.  Thus, after buying some items that the kids need, we headed to one of our favorite places -- the Booksale!
At the Booksale, we all had a blast looking at books and reading some of them.  Yanthy had a stack of books he wanted to buy after going through the display.  I had to trim it though for I have set a budget for our book shopping that day. :) Even Mateo made it known to us which book he wanted to take home!  (Out of the many books I showed him, there's one book he doesn't like to let go.)  We were ecstatic to find so many good books and almost all of them are board books that are sturdy enough for Mateo to play with and explore. 
I was very happy too that the books we got are highly recommended books and some of them even won book awards.  We stepped out of the Booksale the other day with 5 new books for only P235!  Isn't that great?
We devoured our books (the bookworms that we are!) as soon as we got home.  They have now become our new favorites as we bond daily during our reading times.
Here are pictures of our new books.
This is our new morning favorite. 
We now read this Boynton book as soon as my kids wake up.  It helps my eldest to get ready for breakfast.

This is our new bedtime favorite.
The kids love to snuggle with me as we read this book.  We also enjoy kissing each other as we read about different kinds of kisses from the book.

This is Yanthy's new favorite. 
Yanthy was the one who found this in the Booksale.  He was delighted to find a book similar to our Go, Dog. Go! book and it was about one of his favorite characters -- Thomas!  He declared that he will buy it!  He has been reading it repeatedly since we bought it.  He plays with his Thomas the Train building blocks after reading.

This is the book Mateo didn't want to let go of.

This Scholastic book is a steal at P25!
This book is a silly and funny book to read!  We read it anytime of the day.  We end up having a good laugh every time.
I wished that I had more time to go around during the recent Manila International Book Fair because I felt that I could have found more great books at good prices.  Now, I know why I didn't buy that much at the fair.  It's because God would be leading us to more great books (within our budget) at the Booksale and books that my kids would enjoy more reading.
How about you?  Have you found nice books in the Booksale recently?

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