Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Book Review of A Child's First Library of Learning

Here's another article I wrote for Smart Parenting Online's Parent Rated section.  I recommend this set of books to parents who want to invest in their kids’ early education, be they homeschooled or not. It’s a much healthier alternative to watching TV and playing computer games.
I came across A Child’s First Library of Learning at the grand opening of the Active Fun branch at The Fort, and this set of books impressed me right away.

A Child’s First Library of Learning is composed of twenty four (24) hardcover books covering topics on life, nature, science, and our world. The pages are filled with pictures and illustrations in full color that keep the child interested, thus providing more opportunity for knowledge. What I find most interesting about this set of books is that it features and answers over a thousand questions, many of which our curious, young children are bound to ask.

Here are some examples:
• Why does it rain?
• Why does it rain even if the sun is shining?
• Why does lightning flash?
• Why does thunder rumble?
• Why are rabbits’ ears long?
• Do fish have ears?
• Why do stars twinkle?
• Why is the sky blue?
• Do typhoons occur everywhere in the world?
• Why are there deserts in some parts of the world?

The books enable parents to answer their children’s questions whether they really don’t know the answers to these questions or they simply do not know how to answer them in a way that their children can grasp. These books are a big help to parents, especially first-time parents, who are still finding ways to manage their kids’ insatiable, natural curiosity about the things they see and hear around them. Providing answers to kids’ questions also encourages them to be observant and remain curious. By using these books, we are telling them to seek for answers to their questions, which sets the foundations for the love of learning, books and reading.

Click here to read the full article to find out why I recommend this set of books.  I can also help you schedule a presentation if you are interested to find out more about these books.  Just leave a comment or email me.

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