Tuesday, October 9, 2012

How moms and kids can earn during the holidays

Here's another article I contributed to POC's Mom's Corner this month.  I'm sure many moms are on the look out for ways to earn extra this Christmas season.  Hope this article inspires you or helps you achieve this goal this year and in the Christmas seasons.  Advance Merry Christmas!
Spending normally rises during the “ber” months. People are more generous and giving. With the increase in the expenses of most households during this season comes the need for an increase in budget as well. Here are some ways by which moms and kids can bond during the Christmas season and at the same time earn extra money for the family budget. Take your pick and enjoy the adventure and the money that goes with it!
Offer gift-wrapping service to busy relatives, friends or neighbors. You can take this service a notch higher by offering delivery service as well. You can let the big kids deliver gifts if the intended recipients are also from the same neighborhood or if you have a vehicle. You and your kids can make this your adventure or field trip this season to bring the gifts you wrapped to different houses or offices. Another option is to design your own gift wrappers too. You can experiment with designs first and show them to your clients. Then, give them the option to have their gifts wrapped in your personally designed gift wrappers or the traditional store-bought wrappers. Click here, here and here to see some simple and easy-to-make designs from the Martha Stewart’s site. You and your kids might find inspiration from these featured designs. Last year, my eldest son and I made his own gift wrappers for his grandparents’ presents. We used a star-shaped sponge to decorate plain white paper.
Make and sell handmade Christmas cards. There are plenty of cards to choose from these days but there are those who prefer handmade and personalized cards that are not reprints of other cards. There are still people who like to go the old fashioned way of sending handmade cards that are unique and personalized. You and your kids might want to give this a try. You can start by making samples or sending early Christmas cards to your relatives and friends and let those cards serve as your samples.
Below are some examples you can find inspiration from:
Make money by selling sweet treats that people love to eat and give away during this season of parties. Diets usually go out of the window come Christmas time. People indulge a bit more. Moreover, the sales of sweet treats of every kind normally goes up. There are lots of sweet treats you can choose from. But for folks and kids who are not kitchen experts or seasoned cooks, simple and easy-to-do recipes also abound.
Here’s a list of examples that I have gathered, some of which do not require baking and/or elaborate gadgets to prepare them. Check them out and see which would fit your skills and interests and what would sell well in your target market.

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Here is a video of one of the cake pops I want to make this Christmas.  Looks simple enough for me and my eldest son. :)

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