Monday, January 14, 2013

Guaranteed a Done Deal by God

God has been speaking so powerfully to me these past days.  Last January 10, He spoke powerfully to me through a reflection in Didache entitled Done Deal

I was struck with this reflection because I am now involved in a lot of deals. We are selling our condo unit. We are selling our car. I have book projects in partnership with some people. I have an upcoming HR project. I have been meeting with a lot of people recently -- discussing and fine-tuning the details of our projects and deals so we can arrive at the best deals or win-win agreements.  I was not sure if God was talking to me about our condo unit only or if He was referring to our car or if He was referring to any of my  other projects.  But today as I meditate more on these messages and the other messages I had been receiving through various sources in the past weeks and months, I felt that God was telling me that He meant that He's referring to all of them.  I felt that God was assuring me through the reflection that the deals I'm trying to close with be closed and resolved soon... and that He will make a way for these deals to be secured so that I would be blessed through them.  Amazing!  God is truly a generous God!  He is the God of abundance!

As our family's concrete response to God's promises to us, we had been gathering brochures and information on the different vehicles we are considering to buy to replace the car that we are selling.  In fact, we spent the entire afternoon today going around showrooms and looking at various models.  It was our family's bonding activity today.

Then, to further reinforce His positive and encouraging message to me, God used the talk series at The Feast this January to affirm the messages I had been receiving from Him.  The title of the series is Guaranteed.  The main message of the series is that God promises us three (3) things: supply, solutions and significance.  I heard the first talk of the series last Friday when my family attended The Feast in Sucat.  I listened to the second talk this morning when we attended The Feast in PICC.  

I feel so empowered and blessed after hearing these talks.  Like Peter in the passage where he saw the risen Christ, my heart exclaims, "It is the Lord!"  The message I had been receiving from Him is so consistent and powerful!  I find it impossible to ignore.  God is telling me personally that He is guaranteeing victory for me and my family in all these deals.  He is guaranteeing that He'll supply all of our needs (and even some of our wants).  He 's guaranteeing that He'll help us find God-solutions to our problems/challenges.  He is guaranteeing to give and increase our significance.  This is still aligned with the message I received from Him recently which I also blogged here.

Lastly, let me share about the reflection in Didache that I read yesterday, January 12.  The  title of the reflection was Confidence in Prayer.

I felt my heart leap as I read this reflection.  The first three lines caught my attention right away for my family has been dreaming, talking and praying about our move to our new townhouse soon.  The writer's story about moving in to the house his family also prayed for affirmed me that soon this prayer and dream of our family would be answered as well.   We just need to keep on asking in confidence when we pray and we need to keep on doing our share in working out a solution to our problem.

Another thing that struck me with what he said was that he and his family prayed for something that they could not afford but God made a way for them to afford it.  

What's even more amazing and awesome about this reflection is that it was written by the same Didache writer who wrote the reflection (This Land is Mine) that inspired and moved me to reserve our new house!  Isn't that great?  Read more about how that reflection led me and my family to purchase our new house in faith by clicking here.

God's word is so consistent and it's timing is so perfect!   He has been speaking to me along those lines recently including through the worship songs we sang last Friday (I'm Counting on God, Abundance of Rain, Great is Thy Faithfulness) night at The Feast in Sucat, the songs this morning during the worship (Cornerstone, I'm Counting on God and White Flag) at The Feast in PICC and through talks 1 and 2 of the Guaranteed talk/series at The Feast.  Talk number 1 encouraged me to dream and work hard for my/our dreams to come true. It also encouraged me to rely on God's provisions because He is faithful and He truly can be counted on.  Talk number 2 reminded me to be patient and be still but at the same time do what I need to do to be part of the solution to my problems. 

I'm overwhelmed with joy because of God's faithfulness to me and my family and because of His wonderful promises.  I just can't go to sleep tonight without sharing a bit of the many good things God has been doing in my life.  I promise/commit to share more in detail in the next days so that more people would be inspired to trust in God's Word/promises.

Until next time! Good night for now.

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