Friday, January 11, 2013

Propel me, Lord, as I give my all

I read something yesterday that blew my mind.  It was a photo posted by Joel Osteen Ministries in Facebook.

Photo from Joel Osteen Ministries Facebook Page.

It blew my mind because it was already overwhelming for me to hear from God through Brother Bo's talk last year at the Kerygma Conference that He is promoting me.  And then, here He comes telling me at the start of the new year that He is not simply promoting me; but He is going to PROPEL me.  Wow!
PROPEL in means to "throw or release in the air."  Among its synonyms, what struck me were the words drive, force, launch, mobilize, move, push, send, set in motion and thrust. defines the word PROPEL as "to drive forward or onward by or as if by means of a force that imparts motion."
Honesty, I thought, "You really believe in me, Lord, don't you?"  I am humbled and privileged to be spoken these wonderful words and promises by God.  I am humbled because I know that He has great things in store for me and I feel that my skills are inadequate for these new and greater things.  He assures me though that He would supply whatever is lacking in me and whatever I need to accomplish the greater things He wants me to do for Him.
I feel privileged to be chosen by God and to be bestowed this undeserving favor.  I know that God can choose many other people for these tasks but He has chosen me.  I cried buckets of tears last year at the Kerygma Conference when through Brother Bo, God told me: "You're in!  The audition has been cancelled!"  Imagine, God has moved people and events so that I no longer need to qualify for the greater things He has planned for me.  He has qualified me!  Wow!  It's mind blowing how much He believes in me and how much He wants to invest in my future or in my life!
I could not think of any better way to express my thanks but to accept and embrace whatever He has planned for me.  And as if on cue, He spoke to me again how I can best respond to His invitation to move to greater heights through the greater things He has in store for me, He sent me Brother Bo's book Take Charge, Give All, 7 Steps to Determine Your Destiny and Create Incredible Success in Your Life!  I know deep in my heart that God is teaching me and showing me how through this book.  I believe that it's no coincidence that I finished reading the entire book this morning.  The message in the book confirms the message declared in the photo shared by Joel Osteen Ministries yesterday.

I thank the Lord for enabling me to recognize His voice amid the busyness and concerns in my life.  I thank Him for the grace to hope and have faith in His promises to me even when my circumstances barely supports His claims or promises.
Let me end by owning this declaration and by praying it:
Father God, I choose to welcome and embrace every new thing that You want to send my way.  Propel me through them and bring me to the place where I can best serve You and Your Church.  I can't do this on my own, only by Your grace and power.  So, please always be my guide and strength as I give my all and venture into new and greater things. Amen.

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