Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Unexpected surprise from my balcony

I got an unexpected surprise from my balcony one morning last year before the New Year when I saw that our orchid (which my eldest son and I named Pinky) has flowers again.  A couple of flowers were in bloom while a number of buds are still tightly closed.  A week into the New Year, Pinky now has five flowers in full bloom and two remaining buds.

God spoke a powerful message to me last year through our dear orchid, Pinky.  You may click here to read more about it.  This time around, He used Pinky once more to speak encouraging words to me.

This is how our orchid looks while I'm writing this post.

Through Pinky, God reminded me that He is not bound by time or seasons.  Last year in April when Pinky first began to flower, my husband and I thought that our orchid bears flowers once a year only.  We were wrong.  Pinky had flowers again at a time when we least expected her to bear flowers.  She was left alone in our condo when it was under renovation and no one was there for a number of days or around a week to take care of her.  But shortly after we moved back to our newly renovated condo to clean and furnish it, God gave me/us this wonderful surprise.

I felt God telling me through this develoment that in the same way that He is not limited or bound by time or seasons in making plants flower, He is also not bound by time, schedules or deadlines in granting the desires of my heart or answering my prayers.

You see, I was a bit disappointed that we haven't sold our remaining condo unit before Christmas or year end.  There were a number of inquiries already and there were a couple of interested buyers while it was being renovated and even after we posted our advertisement in our neighborhood; but all of a sudden I have not heard from them again.

Then, God surprised me one morning as I looked outside my balcony.

That's when God reminded me that I should not be worried, impatient or lose heart.  He said that anytime, He can surprise me and grant me my prayer/s.  I just need to keep on trusting that even when I think or feel that nothing is happening, something is because His mighty, invisible hand is at work.

I thank the Lord for giving me hope and encouragement through an ordinary but beautiful plant.  I thank Him for allowing me to recognize Him and His loving presence in my life through one of His wonderful creations.  I pray that I would always see with the eyes of faith just like the three wise men who adored the infant Jesus in the manger.

Now, I excitedly wait for Pinky's remaining bud to be in full bloom and for our remaining condo unit to be sold. :)

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