Monday, February 11, 2013

Simple Family Bonding on Chinese New Year 2013

We had our simple family bonding yesterday to celebrate Chinese New Year.  Last year, I asked my mother-in-law, (whose father is a Chinese and was based in Cebu when he was still alive) who was in Manila then with my father-in-law, to share some stories about her childhood and her father.  She gamely had an impromtu storytelling with my eldest son who was all ears to her childhood adventures.  Since, she shared that their father (my husband's grandfather) owned a ship then that they used for business, we taught our little boy how to make a paper boat which he enjoyed playing for days.

My friend Rhodz and I after the Mass.
We had a bit of story time yesterday morning over breakfast.  I shared with my family how I spent Chinese New Year in Singapore in 2007.  I told them that when I went to Mass that day with my friend who was also a tourist like me, we were given oranges and Ang Pao (red envelopes with money) after the Mass.  I had a great time in Singapore then.  It was my last out of the country trip before I got married. 

On our way to Singapore's China Town.

My friend and I went to Singapore's China Town and did some shopping.  I was looking for a nice cheongsam to replace my old black favorite, which was already too small for me.  I did not find something that I liked though.  But I was able to buy some nice small bags with chinese designs which I still use up to now.

Shopping time!

Mateo was still asleep
during the first part of our meal.
This year, since we are still waiting for our family van (Innova) to arrive, my husband said that we'll just go to the mall instead of what I initially thought, which is to go to Binondo and attend Mass there and have lunch somewhere in China Town.  We've decided to have a simple family lunch at a Chinese restaurant at SM Mall of Asia.  While we were surveying the rows of restaurants, we watched some dancers do the lion dance outside the restaurants.  The kids marvelled at the booming sound of the big drum and the cymbals.  We continued to survey some more Chinese restaurants before we finally chose to have our lunch at Eat Well. True to its name, we were able to eat well that day as we enjoyed their delicious food.  We had our traditional favorites - Yang Chow (fried rice), crispy pork Hong Kong style (similar to lechon kawali), pork and shrimp siomai and hot calamansi.  Even our kids enjoyed the food.  Our baby, Mateo, ate Yang Chow and shredded Crispy Pork for the first time yesterday.
We asked the waiter to take our picture after our meal.

 After lunch, we went to see the exhibit at the Main Mall's Atrium.  According to a news article I read, there were 234 Chinese art works featured in the exhibit.  These were the works of the Chan Lim family of artists and students.  There were Chinese paintings on Chinese paper, Chinese fans and Chinese lanterns displayed.  We looked around and asked my eldest son what paintings he would like to imitate on our next painting session.  We had our pictures taken and walked outside a bit.

Mateo and me with the Chinese fans and a giant Chinese fan that's 4x8 feet in size.

The exhibit is open to the public and will be ongoing until February 17, 2013 in SM MOA.

We saw someone selling ice cream cones outside and decided to give in to our favorite indulgence. :)  George and Yanthy had cookies and cream while Mateo and I had mango ice cream.
The kids tried to catch some bubbles for a few minutes before we left the mall to go to church and attend Mass. 
Maybe next year we can go to Binondo since we will have our van by then. :)

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