Monday, April 15, 2013

Lent, Holy Week and Easter Activities 2013

I'm writing this post to document some of the activities we had during Lent, Holy Week and Easter. 
One of our Lent and month of hearts writing activity.
We read more Bible stories and storybooks which taught values.  We sang songs about the Lord's Passion.  We attended Masses on Friday evenings.  We taught our eldest son more formula prayers and involved him more in praying the Rosary.  So far, he has memorized more prayers like the Hail Mary, Angel of God and Glory be.  He is close to reciting the Apostles Creed and The Feast Prayer of Abundance perfectly, too.
We visited an orphange for girls on Holy Wednesday.  The days leading to our visit were busy days for us as we prepared the things that we needed for our outreach.  You can read more about it here in my previous blog post.
On Holy Thursday and Friday, my husband and I attended a 2-day Holy Week retreat at PICC .  The kids were left with my mom and our helper.  I left some activities that my eldest son can do while we were out during the mornings.
I got some of the printables and ideas from other blogs.
When I asked Yanthy why he colored Jesus red,
he said that it's because his body was covered with blood
coming from his wounds.
Pretending that the donut with toothpicks is a crown of thorns.

On Holy Thursday, we had one of our Holy Week traditions - Visita Iglesias.  We visited 7 churches.  It was actually our first time to do it in the evening.  We used to do it after lunch.  We finished our activity just before midnight.  We prayed two Stations of the Cross per church. 

We went to attend the Good Friday service at St. James the Great Church in Ayala, Alabang.  Then, on Easter Sunday, we attended the Grand Easter Feast at the SMX, Mall of Asia.  You may read about my Easter reflection here in my previous post. 

At the Grand Easter Feast.
Yanthy answered this maze after I read to him the
Story of Easter minibook from Christian Preschool Printables.

We made an Alleluia garland last year which I blogged here also last year.  I wanted to reuse that garland again but I could no longer find it.  So, I asked my eldest to make a new one with a different design and spelling.  Then we put it up in our bedroom by hanging it in the curtain rods.

Our colorful Easter/Hallelujah garland.

We also made an Alms box which the kids filled with coins.  But we have yet brought the box to the church.  Yanthy has not yet wrapped it and has not yet written the word "alms' in it.  I hope he'll be in the mood to write on the box before Easter ends. :)
This Easter, we have been singing praise and worship songs that communicate about the Resurrection of our Lord in the lyrics.  Below is a video of one of his favorite songs about Easter. 

Update: We finally brought our little boys' coin box last Sunday (April 21) to church. I also managed to take a picture before we gave the box.

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