Sunday, April 14, 2013

Perfect Timing for our Family Field Trip to Avilon Zoo

We had been planning for this field trip in years. We only had one child when we started considering this field trip. Then I got pregnant, gave birth and got busy caring for the new baby. This year finally we were able to push through with our plan. Looking back, we realized that it was perfect timing.
Here are some of our reasons why we believe so:
  1. We got discounted tickets from Metro Deal. This saved us a lot! We got the tickets at 50% off. If our plan before pushed through, we would have paid the regular price for our tickets. God indeed is a God of perfect timing!
  2. We now have a bigger vehicle, a Toyota Innova. With this, we were able to bring with us my mom and my godmother who happened to be vacationing from Austria. We used to have a red Toyota Vios. It can fit a maximum of 6 people only. It that would mean that two of those sitting at the back are small or kids. That can even mean removing one of the kids' car seats. I didn't like that idea especially for long drives. So the family van is just perfect. We had more than enough room for everyone and we didn't have to remove any car seat. We even had space for our things.
    The best friends, my mom and godmother.
  4. We were able to bring both kids to the zoo in one field trip. My mom said on the day we had finally had our field trip, "It's a blessing in disguise that your field trip didn't push through when you only had one child because that would mean you will need to go back to this zoo again when he's bigger so that he too can have a field trip their." Makes sense! One field trip for both kids! Saved us time and money. :)


  5. We had good weather.  It's officially summer now in the Philippines and it was the perfect time for outings or field trips.   

We had a great time with each other during our field trip. We scheduled it during the April 9 holiday. The zoo is quite far from our place so we spent around two hours travelling. It was already lunch time when we got to San Mateo to pick up my mom and my godmother. We had lunch first at Tropical Hut. Then, we headed to Avilon Zoo.


The long drive was worth it! The kids had so much fun! The pictures and stories in the books we had been reading to them in the past year (in my eldest son's case... past years!) finally came to life. They loved running around the zoo! (My kids are usually active and walking seems to be not a part of their vocabulary.) We were sweating by the time our tour was done.

We had our afternoon snack first before we headed home.
Mateo snacked on apple and crackers
while everyone had pizza.
Then, we had dinner first at my parents' house in San Mateo before we headed back home. It was a tiring day but it was worth it. Having that trip was everyone's high point that day.

Here are some more pictures.

    This little boy really has a sense of humor!  This was his first reaction when he saw this big rat!
    Good thing we were able to take a photograph!

    With Trixie, the urangutan.

    Mateo finally saw a real horse.


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