Monday, April 1, 2013

Math and Entrepreneurship Lessons through Play

My eldest son got a new toy from my godmother (ninang) who happened to be one of the principal sponsors during our wedding as well.  The toy was one of the toys in my son's wish list.  It's now one of his new favorites. 
As he played with it, I discovered new ways to teach him Math and entrepreneurship.
One of his favorite pretend plays and pretend businesses is having a grocery store.  Since he now has a parking building and new toy cars, he decided that his new business will be to rent out his parking space in his new parking building. 
In the past weeks, we discussed about not making his parking building crowded because his customers will not like crowded parking areas where vehicles are parked too close to each other.  he was also imagining that he has an open parking for rent aside from the parking buidling that he now plays with.  When his parking building becomes full of vehicles, he parks the other vehicles in his open parking area.
I asked him one time how much is the rent.  He answered, "One peso!"
I asked him again to clarify.  "Is that one peso per minute or one peso per hour?"
He replied, "One peso per minute."
I then told him that there are sixty minutes in one hour so that means that he is charging 60 pesos per hour as parking fee in his parking building.
Yanthy's new business - parking space for rent.
I also shared with him that there are 24 hours in one day.  He already knows that there are 7 days in one week.  We have not yet discussed the number of days in a month or in a year.  Next time, I will ask him how much he will charge per month.  I will teach him about using contracts, too, for his monthly renters.
Yesterday, I suggested that he make a parking fee for his renters just like what we get when we park our car in the mall parking areas.  He said that he will make parking tickets next time.
I'm looking forward to our next conversations.  I'm excited about the new and other things we can talk about as we play pretend parking.

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