Saturday, May 11, 2013

Minister to Me, Lord Series: Day 3 - Enable Me To Do the Impossible

How was your week? I definitely had a very exciting (read: working on one project after another) week. I had been working on a number of projects and I have mixed emotions at this point. I'm very happy with what God had inspired me to start and do in the past days and weeks. I'm struggling to make time for the many wonderful things that I now have on my plate. And I'm nervous for my faith is challenged to believe that I CAN DO ALL THESE THINGS BY THE GRACE OF GOD.

I once read that when you are given a God-sized dream, you'll realize that it's beyond your capacity to bring it to completion because it's so much bigger than what your limited abilities and gifts can handle. The good news is that YOU and I do not need to do THE IMPOSSIBLE on our own. God will ENABLE us as He has called us.

Are you feeling overwhelmed now with your long to-do lists? Are you overwhelmed with your already full calendar? Are you overwhelmed with the amount of house work that needs to be done? Are you overwhelmed with the many projects you need to coordinate? Are you overwhelmed with the many tasks that you urgently need to finish? Are you overwhelmed with deadlines? Are you overwhelemed with problems?

Today, I invite you to surrender ALL these at the foot of Jesus' Cross. Unburden yourself. Stretch your tired arms and open your heart to God's amazing grace. Lift up your eyes to your Savior.

Let Him minister to you.  Listen to Him. Let His Words comfort and empower you. Let Him OVERWHELM YOU with HIS LOVE.

Look Him in the eye as He speaks these words to you now.
"With man this is impossible,
but with God all things are possible."
You might feel that you cannot handle all your problems and concerns right now. You feel that all your tasks and projects are beyond your strength and knowledge. You feel that you have very limited time and that you cannot meet your deadlines or finish your tasks on time. You might even feel that you are not good enough for your God-sized dream.
Jesus is telling you now...
"Do not despair for I will enable you to do the impossible. I will supply you with the strength, wisdom, ability, energy and all that you need to accomplish my plans and purposes for your life. I will carry you when you feel weak and tired. I will restore you in body, mind and spirit. Remember that you are not on your own. I am in your team. We are a team. Bask in my love. Tap into my power. Let my Holy Spirit move you and empower you!"
Then, as you ponder on these words of Jesus to you, I invite you to listen and use this song to pray to Him. Allow God to minister to you through this song Nothing is Impossible by Planetshakers.


Believe in His words. Believe in His love. Believe in His power. Believe in the impossible!

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