Friday, May 10, 2013

Mother's Day Activities for Kids

Mother's Day is just around the corner. Do you already have plans on how you'll celebrate this day with your family?
I just discovered some activities from one of my favorite sites, Christian Preschool Printables and I'd like to share them with you in case you are still thinking of what your kids can do on Mother's Day.
I have actually printed three sheets/printables already. My eldest who is four years old is now busy working on it.
The first one I printed is a coloring page with a picture of a woman and a basket of flowers. Below the picture is one of my favorite Bible verses. It's from 31:29. It says, "Many women do noble things, but you surpass them all." Click here to view the image and download.

Here's my eldest son proudly posing with his work of art for me.
The next one I printed is page where the kids can trace the sentence Happy Mother's Day. Kids who are still practicing their handwriting skills can do this. On top of this greeting is a space where the kid or kids can trace or press their hand print. Let your kids choose what paint colors to use on their hands. Click here to view and download if you want your child/children to do this activity.
The last one I printed is something the young kids can do with the help of Dad. Or if your kids are older, you can let them answer this and allow yourself to be surprised. It's a fill in the blanks type of greeting card for Mom. Click here to view it and to download.
Check out the other activities enumerated here at Christian Preschool Printables and here at I chose these three because my kids are still very young.
I plan to share these activities to the servants in our community's Kids Ministry so they can prepare them and use them either tonight or on Sunday.
Aside from these activities, one of the ways I plan to celebrate Mother's Day with my kids is to have a pictorial with them this weekend. I'm thinking of doing this tomorrow afternoon. I hope this plan of mine will push through. :) I also plan to go to the salon tomorrow before our pictorial. I hope my trip to the salon would make me feel more relaxed and ready to flash a beautiful smile come photoshoot time.
Of course, our Mother's Day celebration would not be complete without our favorite bonding activity - reading. Here's a list of books I recommend that you read with your tots on Sunday.

And by the way, I got myself an advance present. Read more about it here.

Cheers to all moms!
Advance Happy Mother's Day!
What are your plans for the weekend? Share them with me by leaving a comment.

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