Thursday, November 21, 2013

Homeschool Bonding with Lolo/Grandpa Over a Joytoy Product

My eldest son has just celebrated his 5th birthday and one of the gifts he got was a Joytoy educational toy. The toy helps introduce or teach the concept of counting, addition and subtraction to kids. There are pictures that the child can count and there are boxes where the child can put number squares. The child will choose from the number squares what matches the number of pictures in the equation. There are 32 equations and 48 double-sided number tiles in the set.

My husband and I have slowly introduced the concept of addition and subtraction to our eldest before he turned three years old. Some days he's excited to play addition and subtraction. Some days, he'd rather do other things. We take our cue from him. When he's interested, we give him tools or materials.
I'm so happy that he got this as one of his gifts recently. It's one tool that we can use to further help him understand these concepts in a fun way. It's a helpful addition to our homeschool materials.
He has been spending hours these past days playing with this new toy. He sometimes plays with me or on his own. Other times, he would play with my father. This brings back happy memories to me. I remember when my brother and I were still small, my father was our first Math teacher. He was the one who introduced the concepts of counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division to us. Thus, this afternoon, watching my father and my eldest son play with this Joytoy product brought joy to my heart. :)
This is not the only Joytoy product that we have. I have actually written a review of another Joytoy product in the past. Here is the link to that post: Three-Letter-Word Picture Puzzles: A Product Review. We have other puzzles also by Joytoy. I highly recommend their products to families with young children whether you homeschool or not.

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